Romantic. Easy going with edge. Personable. These are all words that describe Whitney Pozgay's Whit collection, which was debuted ahead of New York Fashion Week on Thursday.

To the ambiance of moody 60's rock, Pozgay took us back to "enchanted version of the late 1960’s/early 1970’s" when her muse, Marianne Faithfull, was in a very public relationship with Mick Jagger before ultimately parting ways and getting involved with drugs during the Swinging London days.

"I just loved her whole look and this enchanted story of this girl running away with a Rolling Stone, which is kind of awesome," Pozgay told me before the presentation began. "She's such an interesting and beautiful and tragic character as well but it’s a kind of beautiful story."

That romance entwined with beauty is exactly what Pozgay captured in her collection for Whit, with berries, maroons, forest greens, camel (which she drew from her desert upbringing in Arizona) and a bit of leopard on one standout jacquard jumpsuit. There was also an emphasis on outerwear with pea coats adorned with metallics and fur collars, which the Phoenix-native said is her favorite part about fall.

"I always fantasized about having cold weather and clothing. So when fall comes around I love coats. We just never had them growing up," she said.

This season, Pozgay said, is also a "bit of a departure" from her usual crisp brights and graphics, instead opting for a more moody vibe for Fall as the brand evolves and matures. The mix of Swarvoski Elements with a bit of leather in jumpers and pleated A-line skirts added an edge to all of the romance, which Pozgay said is "a youthful injection of personal preference and style" into classic pieces.

For even more romance, Pozgay transformed the Great Room of the W Union Square hotel into a late garden party, from which she drew inspiration from photographer Tim Walker.

"Tim Walker’s photography takes these formal spaces and puts these organic fairytale romantic settings in there," she said.

As the niece of Kate Spade, Pozgay worked for, of course, her aunt for years before moving to Steven Alan and ultimately starting her own brand which debuted in the Fall of 2010.

But the CFDA incubator member, now in her seventh season, isn't done here; She's hoping to expand the brand as she plays with "new ways to mold the inspiration of the collection" season-to-season.

"We would really like the grow the brand and grow into accessories and have it be more of a lifestyle brand," she said. "You’re always hungry to do more."

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