A mixture of snow and rain may hit a few cities across the U.S. on Christmas.
A person walks along Chambers Street during morning snow in Manhattan, New York City, Dec. 17, 2016. REUTERS/Andrew Kelly

Holiday travelers hoping to avoid a white Christmas better beware of areas across the U.S. that are expected to receive snow, because the Weather Channel predicted a slew of states across the North that are likely to see snowfall on Christmas Day.

Parts of the Northwest, through the Northern and Central Plains, Upper Mississippi Valley, Great Lakes and Northeast could see additional snowfall during the holidays while existing snow in those areas will continue to stick due to a persistently cold pattern remaining throughout the North.

Light snow may spread into the Northern Plains and northern Great Lakes region as early as Wednesday, thanks to a low-pressure system moving eastward from the Northwest. Although conditions will remain fairly mild, Upstate New York and northern New England may see increased snowfall as early as Wednesday night while another low-pressure system forming in the Southwest is expected to bring rain in areas like Pheonix and Los Angeles, the Weather Channel reported.

Temperatures will remain average across the country on Thursday, with mostly dry conditions in the Plains and the South while East Coast states from Maine to Florida will get a dry day Friday when the low-pressure system moves offshore. As for the West, a strong frontal system will bring rain and mountain snow in areas of Oregon and Washington on Friday.

Plenty of states are expected to receive rain on Christmas Eve including Texas, Louisiana and up to the Ohio Valley while Northeast and Southeast states like Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut and the Carolinas may get freezing rain mixed with sleet and snow. As for the West, areas of the Rockies, Sierra, High Plains and possibly the higher terrain of the Four Corners may experience a winter storm, bringing cold and wet conditions on Saturday. The storm system will continue to move east, bringing rain to the Central and Southern Plains by Saturday night.

As for Christmas Day, a storm system could bring heavy snow to middle America while the Rockies, Northern Plains and Upper Midwest could see a mix of snow and rain throughout the day. Farther south in the Plains, including areas of Oklahoma and Texas, could see a few thunderstorms on Christmas.