UPDATE: 12:33 p.m. EDT – Jason Autry alleged he was high on drugs while helping Zach Adams dispose of Holly Bobo’s body. When he realized Adams had shot her, he wanted to get away from him, Autry said.

“I had just shot one hell of a load of dope,” Autry testified. “When I heard the gun go off I came to my senses. I realized this boy made bad mistakes.”

UPDATE: 12:12 p.m. EDT – During testimony Thursday, Jason Autry showed the jury in photographs the area where he and Zach Adams parked underneath a bridge with Holly Bobo’s body in the trunk of the car. Autry also testified about grabbing Bobo’s torso to remove her from the car in disposing of the body.

Autry said as they were removing Bobo from the car, they realized she was still alive. Previously, they had thought she was already dead.

“I see a foot moving and I hear a sound of distress come out of the blanket,” Autry said. “At that time I walked to the door of the passenger side… and I told [Adams] ‘This f****** b***** is still alive. She’s heard my name called and me talking and all.’”

Autry said when they realized Bobo was still alive, Adams pulled out a pistol and shot her.

Original story:

A crucial witness named Jason Autry was called to the stand Thursday as the 25th witness in the murder trial of Holly Bobo. Autry testified about helping Zach Adams, who was on trial for Bobo’s murder, bury her body.

Bobo went missing in 2011 in the woods behind her parents Tennessee home. A 20-year-old nursing student at the time, Bobo was last seen by her brother entering the woods with a man dressed in camouflage. Her brother initially thought the man was her boyfriend, but realized something was amiss when he found blood near the home. Her remains weren’t found until three years later when a ginseng hunter found her skull in the woods. Zach Adams was later charged with Bobo’s rape, kidnapping and murder.

Autry himself, a friend of Adams, was also charged with Bobo’s kidnapping and murder in 2014. Autry testified Thursday that he called Adams the morning Bobo went missing looking for drugs. When he arrived, however, he realized Adams wanted help disposing of Bobo’s body.

“He asked me, would I help him bury the body,” Autry testified Thursday. “And I said, ‘Yeah, I will.’ But I said I wanted to leave my car somewhere else besides here. I don’t want Shane or Dylan to know I got involved.”

Despite his testimony Thursday, Autry’s credibility as a witness has been called into question in the past. In an interview with WTVF several years ago, Autry said he had absolutely nothing to do with Bobo’s murder.