George Clooney's assassin drama The American failed to dazzle the box even in the holiday season. The film had a lackluster opening in the US, making only $13 million during the three-day Labor Day weekend holiday, according to studio estimates. The film has made $16 million since its Wednesday release.

Although, the opening is slightly better than the industry forecasts, the pattern looks similar to that of his 2008 flop Leatherheads, which made a dismal business of $31.3 million. The film directed by Anton Corbjin has Clooney as a stone-faced gun enthusiast stuck in an idyllic Italian town.

The other two films which had a Friday were 20th Century Fox's violent fantasy Machete with $11.3 million, and Warner Brother's' Drew Barrymore rom-com Going the Distance with just $6.9 million.

Last week's list topper Taker, a heist drama made $11.5 million in its second week, taking its total to $37.9 million.

The projected sale from May to Labor Day weekend is estimated to be higher than last year's. The increase is due to higher price of tickets. Ticket sale has been the lowest this year since 1997.

This summer 552 million tickets were sold, a 2.6 percent drop from last year, and the lowest since 1997's 540 million tickets.

This year's top grossers were Toy Story 3 ($408 million), Iron Man 2 ($312 million) and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse ($298 million). The films that bombed at the box office were Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore ($42 million), Scott Pilgrim vs. the World ($29 million), The Switch ($21 million), Jonah Hex ($10.5 million) -- and now Going the Distance.

The ticket price for movies released in 3D (Toy Story 3, Cats & Dogs, Despicable Me, and The Last Airbender), charged an average premium of $3 per entry. In some markets, this pushed the ticket price to almost $20.

Hollywood actor-producer Mark Wahlberg is candid about his lackluster music career. He revealed that he feels embarrassed about it.

The 39-year-old crooner who got fame as rapper Marky Mark admitted that his musical achievement wasn't as cool as he thought it was. He said his brother and his assistant rolled with laughter when they saw his Sexy People of The 90s show on VH1 music channel one of these days.