A homeless man has been accused of slamming a 6-year-old boy on the head with a laptop while the child was out for a walk with his parents in New York.

The victim's mother, Sara Bonaccorsi, 25, said they were walking near W. 114th Street and Manhattan Avenue, right outside Morningside Park, at around 2.30 p.m. Sunday when the suspect attacked her son, Dominic Bonaccorsi-Alvarez, without warning, New York Daily News reported.

"We didn't even see him coming," she told the outlet. "He came up from behind and just totally unprovoked he hit my son over the head with the laptop."

Bonaccorsi said she had an intuition the man could hurt someone else because he was still holding the laptop as if he wanted to hit another person. "(The attacker) was still holding the laptop up like he wanted to hit someone else," Bonaccorsi told the outlet. "So I kind of charged at him and the police happened to be right across the street so within like 20 feet he was arrested."

Police officers were nearby and arrested the suspect, identified as Michael Johnson, 60, on the spot. "Little b-----d. I hit him over the head and he can't prove s---!" he reportedly told the officer right after his arrest.

Bonaccorsi, who reached out for legal help in connection with the incident, believes the man deserves mental health support and not jail time. "I don't believe in criminalizing mental health so I hope that this man is sentenced to a mental health facility where he can be treated," she told the outlet. "Instead of just being thrown into prison, whereas a mentally ill person he will likely face abuse."

The boy, who first thought he was hit by a tree branch, wasn't severely injured. He was transported to St. Luke's Hospital for an evaluation, according to the New York Post. He didn't suffer a concussion and remained quiet following the attack. His mother planned on not sending him to school the next day so he could recover.

Meanwhile, Johnson, who was slammed with an assault charge at Manhattan Criminal Court and was detained in lieu of $25,000 bail as of Monday night, has 60 prior arrests. His previous charges included assault, robbery, burglary and larceny, according to the outlet.

A pedestrian walks past a line of police cars parked at Times Square in New York
This is a representational image of a police car. Reuters