homemade plane crash
A 65-year-old man, passionate about planes, died after a plane he had built himself crashed at a Colorado airport. Picasa

A 65-year-old man, passionate about planes, died after his homemade aircraft crashed at a Colorado airport.

Rick Tackabury of Wiggins, Colo. was flying with his daughter, Laura Tackabury, 42, in his twin-engine Air Cam experimental kit plane, before losing control and crashing into a grass runway at Fort Morgan airport, according to 9News.

The plane performed touch and go landings before doing an unexpected loop and colliding with the ground, according to witness reports obtained by ABC News.

Rick Tackabury was killed instantly upon impact. His daughter was airlifted to North Colorado Medical Center with serious injuries, and since her condition has been upgraded to fair.

Rick Tackabury was known to be an experienced pilot, but this was only the third time he has flown this particular plane, which he hadbuilt himself. He was very excited about his new plane and was known to even brag about it to his friends in the local community, according to the Daily Mail.

Rick Tackabury was a fond member of Wiggins and many are mourning his death.

It's a real blow for the district, principal Trent Kerr said of Tackabury, who managed the bus fleet for Wiggins Schools, the Daily Mail reported. When our superintendent told me about Rick I felt like I got kicked in the gut, he added.

Investigators, who were at the site of the crash for over 8 hours on Monday, continue to investigate the incident.