Dozens of rallies supporting Occupy Central pro-democracy demonstrators in Hong Kong are being held across the globe this week. Wednesday is China's National Day and could be a defining moment for the movement, as police are expected to move in to remove demonstrators while protest leaders promise more action.

The group United for Democracy: Global Solidarity with Hong Kong has put together a list of prospective rallies. As of 4 p.m. EST Tuesday, the campaign had listed 43 protests. Code4HK, a coding collective organized to promote change and support Occupy Central plotted protests on a map here. A number will take place outside Chinese diplomatic buildings.

Rallies are scheduled in 10 U.S. cities, including in Washington, Philadelphia and Seattle. There are six rallies in Boston alone: five at colleges and one on Boston Common. There will be two rallies in New York City at 8 P.M., one in Central Park, the other in Times Square.

There are 12 rallies scheduled in European cities, including in London, Paris and Stockholm.

Each of the Occupy Central protests is independently organized with individual objectives and guidelines. Check with each campaign to see what organizers are planning. Some organizers want supporters to bring goggles and umbrellas, which have quickly become symbols of the Hong Kong protests. The rallies are also scheduled at different times, some are at night to line up with the time difference in Hong Kong.

A campaign organized across American college campuses called "Wear Yellow For Hong Kong" has nearly 32,000 supporters on Facebook. The campaign asks supporters to submit photos of them wearing yellow to the website.

See photos from recent rallies here.