There’s nothing stopping “For Honor” players from expressing their disapproval of how Ubisoft Montreal is handling the hack and slash fighting game. They have now scheduled a 24-hour boycott from playing the game on PS4, Xbox One and the PC as a protest and a means of catching the attention of developers.

On Reddit, user jbaayoun announced the official “For Honor” Blackout Community Event is set to happen on April 3, next Monday. The boycott will start at 5 a.m. EST and is expected to last for exactly 24 hours, with the option of extending it longer if players are still willing to resume the blackout. The end-goal of the protest is to get a response from Ubisoft and for the latter to hear out fans’ requests and suggestions.

According to GamesRadar, the aversion of players to Ubisoft stems from the poor state of the game and the lack of communication from game developers. The online forum for “For Honor” has been flooded with negative comments, mostly from players frustrated with the overpowered Peacekeepers, server downtime, random and frequent disconnects and even issues with the microtransition system.

Ubisoft is well aware of the sentiments of players since the developer has already issued a statement saying, “Our team is aware of the concerns raised on Reddit.” Ubisoft indicated in the statement that it is addressing the points players brought up online. So far, the developer has released a title update that increases the Steel income for players and revives the two Vikings maps.

Despite this, players are still determined to carry out the blackout scheduled for next week. Jbaayoun said that it’s not possible to stop the initiative now knowing that many people have already agreed and are all for the boycott. The Reddit user also pointed out, “The Steel and lost content [have] been addressed, however the majority of the issues have not. However, those changes require more time.”

Meanwhile, the dev team told Kotaku via email that the latest update they did to “For Honor” was planned way before players started organizing their protest and threatened to boycott the game.