for honor
For Honor, for glory! Ubisoft

For Honor’s scheduled maintenance is over for the day, which means patch 1.04 is now live. Ubisoft wants to improve match stability -- which it should have done when the game was first released -- connectivity and overall performance in the samurai / viking / knight sword-slasher. It’s a smaller patch than what players are used to, though according to Game Director Damien Kieken, a larger patch is coming between seasons one and two.

The patch is now live on PC and PlayStation 4 and should be coming to Xbox One sometime later this week.

Here are the patch notes for For Honor patch 1.04
General — All Platforms

Various bug fixes to improve performance and match stability.
Addressed the Conqueror graphical glitch introduced in the last Live Update as part of our ongoing session stability fixes.

Xbox One Specific

Added functionality to enable/disable invites.
A player that is in a state that cannot be joined (Story Mode, Practicing, Loading Screens) will not be able to send invites.
Game invite options will no longer be greyed out if there's a free slot.

The team behind For Honor is going to need to tell players how they are improving performance issues, because trying to swing swords in a multiplayer match still isn’t easy. The lack of dedicated servers makes lag an almost inevitability; last time I tried to play a game I was kicked out in the middle and it’s just left a bad taste in my mouth