Sony is expanding the range of its officially licensed controllers for the PlayStation 4 console. The famous gaming brand has announced a new gaming peripheral from its partner, Japan-based peripheral manufacturer Hori.

On Thursday, Sony introduced Hori’s Onyx Wireless Controller for PS4 via its PlayStation Blog. The peripheral features all core controls and direct Bluetooth connectivity. The new gaming controller comes with a broad touch pad and dual vibration motors, and it also has asymmetrical sticks. The configuration of the buttons and sticks on the device is said to suit gamers’ diverse playstyle.

Onyx Wireless Controller 3
Onyx Wireless Controller (front) PlayStation Blog

The Hori Onyx Wireless Controller has a solid look and an ergonomic feel. Its shape is very reminiscent of the Xbox One controller, but its functionality is similar to a regular DualShock 4, according to TweakTown. Meanwhile, Bleeding Cool says the new device resembles the Pro Controller for the Nintendo Switch in some ways.

Onyx Wireless Controller 2
Onyx Wireless Controller (rear) PlayStation Blog

The all-new Onyx Wireless Controller is actually part of the Sony-approved third-party products that were announced a few months ago. However, it’s just seeing the light of the day next week when it officially becomes available for retail on Jan. 15.

Onyx Wireless Controller
Onyx Wireless Controller PlayStation Blog

Sony has not announced pricing for the Onyx Wireless Controller yet. However, it did indicate in its announcement that players who are planning to buy the new PS4 peripheral should know that the package does not include a USB cable. This means players will need to rely on the USB cable that comes with the PS4 system to recharge the wireless device.

Hori Onyx
PlayStation has announced the newest controller for its PS4 console and it is called Hori Onyx. PlayStation Blog