There have been whispers a few months ago that Guerilla Games could be working on “Horizon Zero Dawn 2.” The speculations about the upcoming sequel were further ignited by the announcement of the release date of PlayStation 5, as it is rumored to be one of the launch titles. Surprisingly, more pieces of evidence are making rounds online, pointing to the possible launch of “Horizon Zero Dawn 2” next year.

The first hint about “Horizon Zero Dawn 2” was dropped by Janina Gavankar, the voice actor behind Tatai from the original game’s “The Frozen Wilds” DLC. Another hint that many fans are associating with the much-awaited sequel is the job ad on the official website of Guerilla Games. The job ad seemingly confirmed that “Horizon Zero Dawn 2” is in development.

One of the job listings is one that explicitly mentions the “Horizon Zero Dawn” franchise. The post states that the game developer is looking for technical vegetation artist, which could be associated with the verdant and lush expanses of the original game. The job ad says that Guerilla Games have four teams assigned to develop stunning environments of “Horizon” with one team focused on the creation of stunningly lush vegetation.

While fans are already excited about “Horizon Zero Dawn 2,” it is worth noting that the game could be a long way off. Rumors have it that the upcoming sequel will land on the PlayStation 5. Another claim about “Horizon Zero Dawn 2” is that it might be launched at E3 2020.

The speculation is based on the release pattern of Guerilla Games. “Horizon Zero Dawn” was launched at E3 2015 and was released later in February 2017. Principal Animator Darren Randall also posted a tweet, which is now deleted, about Guerilla Games working with Goodbye Kansas, a Swedish cinematic trailer expert.

While unconfirmed and could just be wild speculation, this suggests that Guerilla Games might be preparing a trailer. With a few months to go before the E3 2020, fans are hopeful that a “Horizon Zero Dawn 2” trailer could pave the way for the game’s announcement. But, we could also be off the mark, and all these could be pointing to the “Horizon Zero Dawn” VR version.