A horrified mom from Plymouth, a port city in Devon, southwest England, claimed she found three utilized needles on an infant changing table while dining with family and friends at a McDonald’s restaurant recently. 

Jane Krotke, 25, said during the meal she and her husband went to tend to their eight-month-old baby girl, Olivia, when the incident occurred. 

According to a report in Fox News, Krotke said, “While he was lifting her out of the [stroller] I pulled the unit down and heard the clang of a metal dish. I was immediately in shock and suddenly realized the packaging was needles.”

Krotke added she was “disgusted” by the needles and stressed out about “all kinds of ailments” her little girl could have caught. 

“I really do think they were put there maliciously to injure someone. Olivia is so precious to us and the thought of me just putting her on a baby change table and seriously hurting her makes me shiver,” Krotke said.

“I’m not judging them for their habit, but please don’t put others are risk. You could have put them in the [trash] bin or even attempted to flush them. But putting them inside a baby changing unit, there are no words for you,” she added. 

Reports state that immediately after the incident, McDonald’s apologized to Krotke and her family for the inconvenience. It issued a statement saying “hygiene and safety” were of “paramount importance,” and assured that the fast food chain checks the baby changing facility often. 

However, However, the assurances of the restaurant did not do much good for Krotke as she claimed she won’t be returning to the restaurant after this. She also warned parents and asked them to be “extra vigilante” about using public diaper changing tables.  

“I just want to urge parents to be extra vigilant when using baby changing facilities and check everything before putting your child down. I know it is hard work being a parent but I can’t even imagine what would have happened if I hadn’t seen the needles,” she said. 

In another incident in January, white powder believed to be crystal meth was discovered on a baby changing table in a McDonald’s restaurant in Manitoba, Canada. According to a report in the daily Winnipeg Free Press, the discovery was made by the Bear Clan Patrol, a response group to protect women and children. 

James Favel, Bear Clan executive director had said, “..We routinely check bathrooms. It was clear whoever was there left a bunch of powder behind.”

Favel added that he was pretty sure the substance was methamphetamine and turned it over to the police for further inspection. 

Speaking about the substance found, Favel had said, "This is a mental health problem. Whatever woman was in there, she's suffering. She's just trying to get the drug into her as quickly as she can."