Hot In Cleveland
Elka (Betty White) got married in the Season 6 finale of "Hot in Cleveland." TV Land

Betty White, 93, is still going strong, but her most recent hit television show, “Hot in Cleveland,” came to an end Wednesday. The TV Land series, which centers on the exploits of a group of aging female friends – Melanie (Valerie Bertinelli), Joy (Jane Leeves), and Victoria (Wendy Malick) – and their senior citizen caretaker – Elka (Betty White) – wrapped up its sixth and final season with Wednesday’s big finale. How did it all end for Cleveland’s favorite ladies in "I Hate Goodbyes"?

At first, it did not appear the four women were headed for the happiest of endings. With Joy and Bob ‘s (Dave Foley) wedding approaching, the gang threw a lousy bachelorette party that mostly consisted of the ladies complaining about their past failed attempts at love. The “festivities” were interrupted when Joy learned she and Bob needed to get to Las Vegas ASAP to pick up their adopted child. So, the whole party got on a plane – in a pilot throwback – and headed for Sin City.

Once there, the city lived up to its name. Elka, Melanie, and Bob’s father all ended up in prison! First, Joy exited the plane in Las Vegas via the emergency exit door to avoid a delay at the gate. Unfortunately, Melanie ended up taking the blame. Then, Bob Sr.’s trip to the casino resulted in some incidental sexual harassment of a blackjack dealer whom Elka ended up punching! The pair joined Melanie behind bars. Plus, Joy and Bob ran into some trouble when they were informed they needed a marriage license to complete their adoption.

However, things took a turn for the better after that. In jail, Elka and Bob Sr. decided that they enjoyed each other’s company more than being on the prowl. Meanwhile, Victoria visited an old show business friend, Johnny, whom she realized was perfect for her as well. Once the trio of Elka, Melanie and Bob Sr. were out of the slammer, they joined back up with Victoria and Johnny for Bob and Joy’s impromptu wedding at a Las Vegas Chapel – to secure the license for the adoption. Things got even better for fans when the event became a double wedding, as Elka and Bob Sr. decided to tie the knot as well. Victoria and Johnny, on the other hand, decided to wait to throw a more star-studded affair for their own nuptials.

After finalizing the adoption with their brand new marriage license, Joy and Bob named their new child Betty, which gained Elka’s approval, of course. And things were even looking up for Melanie, who had a moment with a cute guy on a plane on the way to Paris at the episode’s end. So, things ended pretty well for the girls of “Hot in Cleveland,” with two weddings, a baby, and many more years of friendship ahead of them!

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