“House of Cards” star Joel Kinnaman, who played Will Conway in the Netflix political drama, isn’t really surprised that his co-star Kevin Spacey, who played lead character Frank Underwood, is a sexual predator.

During an interview on the Swedish talk show “Skavlan,” the “Suicide Actor” said that he received warnings from friends that Spacey likes to prey on guys. “I have five or six friends I know who have told stories about Kevin about when they were young and had just arrived in Hollywood,” he shared.

Kinnaman even hinted that Spacey made a move on him, but he quickly changed the topic before he could divulge anything. “[Spacey] tried to … he gave me a very warm welcome in Baltimore,” he continued. “But later, when you learnt that he had supposedly behaved this way with 14-year-olds, then it’s like: ‘Thank you and goodbye.’ But there really was a culture where, if you had a certain status, you would get away with these types of abuses.”

It was “Star Trek: Discovery” star Anthony Rapp who opened a can of warms after he accused Spacey of sexual harassment dating back to 1986. Rapp was only 14 years old then, while Spacey was 26. After Rapp’s confession, several other men, including “House of Cards” crew members, also came forward with their own sexual harassment stories against Spacey.

Because of the accusations, Netflix decided to cut ties with Spacey, and the show was cancelled. Thankfully, the network decided to push through with its sixth and final season, which will begin production in early 2018. According to Entertainment Weekly, the eight-episode season will place the spotlight on Wright’s character Claire. Spacey will no longer be included.

Netflix’s chief content officer Ted Sarandos admitted that it was hard for them to move on without Spacey. But despite that fact, they felt that they made the right choice in cutting him.