House of Cards
Robin Wright’s Claire Underwood will address the audience more in “House of Cards” Season 6. Netflix

All throughout the five seasons of “House of Cards,” it is Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) who had a personal relationship with the audience.

He would talk to them every time something exciting goes down. Whenever he did something sinister, Frank would turn to the camera and share with audiences his take on the matter.

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But for Season 6, executive producer Melissa James Gibson told TV Line that Frank’s wife, Claire (Robin Wright), would be addressing the audience more.

“We were trying, in a disciplined way, to navigate that shift at the end of last season [when Claire first talked to the camera] and not overplay it [this season],” she explained. “But I think it’s inevitable that that will need to be explored further [in Season 6].”

Her co-executive producer Frank Pugliese said the question they have to answer now is how to do just that. “I don’t think she’s going to do it the way Francis did it. How she does it could be really exciting,” he said.

Pugliese said Frank talks to the audience in order to “campaign” and seek “allegiance” from viewers, but “Claire’s needs from the audience are unique to her.” “We want Francis and Claire to be equal but different,” he said.

Before Season 5 aired, Claire already took the spotlight and addressed the nation. “I’ve been meaning to talk with you,” she begins. “It’s terrifying, isn’t it? Tell us what you see.”

“If anything in your environment strikes you as a bit odd or a bit off, pick up the phone because there’s a lot of noise out there these days,” she continues. “We’re going to need to work together, watch out for each other, and yes, watch each other, to keep us all safe and sound. Tell us what you see.”

In order to get to the top, Claire was compelled to kill her own ally, Tom Yates (Paul Sparks). It was a move no one saw coming, but Sparks said it made sense.

“House of Cards” Season 5 premiered on Netflix on May 30.