• Breadman was also allegedly involved in illegal distribution of prescription opioids
  • He was arrested along with 8 others
  • Breadman began his career in 2002 with a mixtape

A Houston rapper and 8 others were arrested on several drug charges.

A press release from the Justice Department stated that 42-year-old Jermaine West, who goes by the stage name Breadman, "engaged in conspiracy during 2018 to 2019 to distribute meth and cocaine near schools and other locations in the Houston area" along with two other suspects, 44-year-old Jonathan Rawlins and 34-year-old Bobby Pharms.

The rapper "allegedly conducted some of the illegal activity on multiple occasions within 1,000 feet of Worthing High School in the 3rd Ward of Houston," the release added.

Breadman was also allegedly involved in an illegal distribution of prescription opioids which he allegedly obtained from the other 6 suspects, identified as 46-year-old Tersha French, 40-year-old Ronald Lucas, 32-year-old Antonia Vega, 46-year-old Cynthia Ngwaba, 47-year-old Leon Covin, and 48-year-old Toni Maria Nalintya.

All the 9 suspects have been taken into custody on charges involving the distribution of meth, cocaine and/or oxycodone and hydrocodone.

"The FBI conducted the investigation through the Houston Anti-Gang Center with the assistance of the Houston Police Department, Texas Department of Public Safety and Drug Enforcement Administration. Trial Attorney Devon Helfmeyer with the Criminal Division’s Fraud Section and Assistant U.S. Attorney Jason Corley are prosecuting the case," the press release stated.

Investigation into the case was ongoing.

In a press release in 2015, Urban Culture Magazine stated that Breadman, who was born Nov. 25, 1978, began his career in 2002 with a mixtape. Two years later, he created another mixtape with his childhood friends. However, nothing really worked out.

"Determined to pursue his career, Breadman founded Cold Front Ent. and began a street buzz thanks to the help of his team ‘Hood Kats’ and series of mix tapes, performances and guest appearances," the press release added.

In 2014, the label presented West as “Breadman” in an album which immediately took off. The following year, "Breadman 2" hit the charts.

"Breadman is on the rise to mainstream stardom," the press release stated.

The magazine also stated that the rapper is “known for staying in trouble with the police and going in and out of jail.” The details of which are not known.

Representational image of a handcuff. Pixabay