TAR Alex and Conor 1st place
Alex and Conor complete a Detour task in Belgium during Leg 2 of "The Amazing Race." CBS

They've proven to be great competitors who know how to win some legs, and there is a good chance that Alexander Rossi and Conor Daly, a.k.a #TeamIndyCar, could be the first ones across the "Amazing Race" Season 30 finish line.

Alex and Conor have been one of the stronger teams all season long, and certainly have a good chance at being the first ones across the finish line if they make it to the final leg in San Francisco. Though they do need to make it through Hong Kong first, they seem to have a good chance at winning the entire race if they do in fact make it back to the U.S. as a competing team. Of course, there are still a few small things which could stand in their way as well. Here's the things that could propel the race car drivers to a win, and the things that could see someone else getting the checkered flag before they do.


They're The Only All-Male Team

TAR Alex and Conor all male team
Alex and Conor make their way to a campground during Leg 7 of "The Amazing Race" in Zimbabwe. CBS

While co-ed teams and all-female teams are just as capable of completing the tasks "Amazing Race" hands them, when it comes to the physical challenges, Alex and Conor do have a slight advantage over most of the other teams. Kristi and Jen are also very strong and capable of physical challenges, but Henry and Evan and Cody and Jessica don't have the same physicality. Henry and Evan admittedly don't have the same physical strength as the other teams, and neither does Jessica. While their physical capabilities don't guarantee they can beat Kristi and Jen, there's a good chance they can beat the other two teams at least, which gives them a better chance at the $1 Million.

They Have The Most Wins So Far

After an initial rockier start at the beginning of the race which saw them firmly in the middle of the pack, Alex and Conor have broken out and become the team with the most wins so far going in to the final two legs. They have official first place finishes under their belts for Legs 4, 9 and 10, but also technically have a fourth similar finish from Leg 7, featuring the Partner Swap. While that was a tie with Lucas and Brittany since the two teams traded partners, it still counts as a win overall. With that many wins under their belts, they seem like the team to beat, with only Kristi and Jen successfully receiving more than one win otherwise.

They Work Well Together

TAR alex and conor work well together
Alex and Conor complete a Detour task during Leg 6 of "The Amazing Race" in Prague. CBS

Though they are used to competing against one another at times on the race track, Conor and Alex have proven they can work well together as a team. They often succeed at working on tasks together and have had a good track record throughout the race. If they can continue that streak, it will work to their advantage.


They Don't Always Pay Attention To Details

TAR alex and conor dont always think things through
Alex and Conor complete a task during Leg 9 of "The Amazing Race" in Bahrain. CBS

While they are strong competitors, Alex and Conor have occasionally failed to pay attention to smaller details, which have hurt them in some ways. Whether they've occasionally misread a clue, or they didn't think of a more effective way of completing a task, they have made small mistakes at times throughout the race. More small mistakes in the final legs are costly, and could hurt them worse than they did in the past.

They Have An Alliance With Big Brother

TAR ALex and Conor BB Alliance
Alex and Conor complete a Detour task in Morocco during Leg 3 of "The Amazing Race." CBS

Alex and Conor have had an alliance of sorts with Big Brother and Kristi and Jen throughout the race, and all have expressed that they want each other in the finale because they want to compete against who they believe the best teams are. However, that alliance, particularly with Cody and Jessica, is one that isn't beneficial at this point. Not only did Jessica turn against it slightly in Prague by giving Alex the wrong answer during a task, purposely making sure she stayed ahead of him, but she and Cody will undoubtedly cut their ties to the alliance entirely when the $1 million is literally on the line. In general teams cut those alliances in the final leg, and if they are under any impression that the alliance would still somehow continue, it would prove to be their downfall.

Kristi And Jen Are Truly Tough Competitors

TAR alex and conor k and j better competitors
Alex and Conor compete against Kristi and Jen during a "head-to-head" challenge during Leg 4 of "The Amazing Race," which took place in France. CBS

Though they have more first place finishes than Kristi and Jen do, the former professional skiers are seriously tough competitors who can give Alex and Conor a real run for their money when it comes to the final leg. They are the only team in the competition that has never seen themselves in either the middle or bottom of the pack, which means that even if Alex and Conor run a perfect leg, there's always a chance that Kristi and Jen could run a better one, beating them out for the $1 million.

Will Alex and Conor manage to win Season 30 of "The Amazing Race?" Tune in to the finale, airing Wednesday, Feb. 21 at 9 p.m. EST on CBS.