Star Wars: The Last Jedi reviews release today and if early Twitter reactions are any indication, the film greatly exceeds expectations. However, with great reviews, could come potentially significant The Last Jedi spoilers. Luckily, thanks to a handy Chrome extension and Twitter setting, it can be as easy to avoid The Last Jedi spoilers as it is to dodge a shot from a stormtrooper’s E-11 blaster rifle. Well, maybe not quite that easy. 

Does Luke join the dark side? What happens to Princess Leia? Those questions can remain unanswered with the help of Unspoiler. This Google Chrome extension is free to download from the Google Play Store and is useful for avoiding all Star Wars spoilers. The extension can block specific terms in headlines altogether but you can also whitelist certain sites. When you enter a phrase all headlines with the phrase or word will be blotted out with a warning.

However, there are some drawbacks to the Unspoiler Chrome extension. According to reviews, some sites may still not be safe from The Last Jedi spoilers. Users say Facebook, YouTube and some other notable sites are not compatible with Unspoiler. It does work for Google search results, however. Other users say the extension is difficult to turn on off, so make sure you are committed to avoiding the spoilers before installing.

Last year there was a Star Wars specific Chrome extension to help block spoilers for Rogue One, but as of today it has not been updated since Dec. 13, 2016. 

Twitter ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Spoilers: How To Mute

If you just can’t log off Twitter until you see the film, there is a way for you to avoid The Last Jedi spoilers on twitter… mute everything. That’s correct, as much as the release date of Star Wars: The Last Jedi is the biggest entertainment story this week you can avoid The Last Jedi spoilers by muting all things related to the film. Here’s how to do it.

  • Click on your notifications tab

  • Click on ‘settings’ or the gear icon.

  • Click on ‘mute specific words from your notifications and timeline.’

  • Click the big add button and then enter all the words, phrases, specific users and hashtags you don’t want to see on your timeline.

Twitter has some handy tools when you’re trying to mute The Last Jedi spoilers. You can hide spoilers from anyone or from people you don’t follow. You can also schedule your muted phrases to have an end time. By default, muted hashtags are “forever” but you can also choose 24 hours, seven days or 30 days.

Once you’ve seen Star Wars: The Last Jedi and spoilers are no longer you worry, it’s simple to remove the Twitter mute on those specific words. Simply follow the same steps as above but when you get to the “add” part the words and hashtags you’ve chosen to mute will appear below that button. Just click the unmute button and your timeline will be back to normal. 

Here's to a spoiler free internet until you can see the film. 

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