• Business communication has evolved dramatically over the last twenty years.

  • The evolution of business communication has largely been driven by developments in digital communication technologies.

  • This article gives an overview of the evolution of business communication, and presents five business communication trends for 2022.

The ways that businesses are able to communicate with consumers have evolved rapidly over the last two decades, and this shift is set to intensify in 2022. With the widespread adoption of digital communication technologies, businesses are able to get their messages to audiences in new and innovative ways.

Given that effective communication with consumers is vital for commercial viability and growth, it is crucial that businesses select and implement the specific communication methods that are most aligned with their needs and strategic objectives. It is therefore necessary to know which communication methods are available or currently emerging, and how they may advance or undermine a business’ commercial interests.

This article will provide a brief overview of the evolution of business communication, and will also discuss five new business communication trends that could potentially empower small and large companies heading into 2022.

Evolution of Business Communication

For most of the 20th century, businesses used traditional media such as newspapers, magazines, radio, and television to communicate with consumers and the general public. These modes of communication were effective for reaching wide audiences, but they were also relatively costly, and were not accurately targeted at specific customer groups.

In the 21st century, digital communication technologies have created entirely new ways for businesses to communicate with their audiences. In this new paradigm of internet-enabled smartphones and social media platforms, entrepreneurs and businesses are able to engage with their audiences in a targeted, measurable, and low-cost manner.

These new technologies can significantly enhance a business’ ability to communicate with its customers. However, digital communication strategies are unlikely to attract and retain customers or increase revenue growth if they are poorly conceived and implemented. Ultimately, the aim is that business communication methods should be strategically suited to a business’ specific needs and objectives, and the business should have access to expertise required to implement those communication methods effectively and efficiently.

5 New trends in business communication for 2022

With the rapid evolution of business communication over the last few decades, it can be difficult to stay up to date with new developments in the field. Here is a brief overview of five dominant trends going into 2022.

B2B Social media: direct engagement with consumers

A growing number of businesses are using digital and mobile communication technologies to engage directly and in real-time with consumers. In 2022, social media platforms will become an increasingly important part of business communication strategies. Using platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, businesses are able to converse and build relationships with consumers over time, as well as to respond directly to consumer needs, views, and queries.

Advertising on social media

The use of social media as a means of advertising is another related trend that will likely intensify in 2022. A rapidly growing number of entrepreneurs are using social media platforms to advertise their products and services in a targeted manner, and at little or no cost. For this reason, more entrepreneurs and small businesses are likely to begin capitalizing on this method of business communication in 2022.


Increasingly, analytics show that mobile visitors are a majority. With the widespread adoption of mobile smart phones, small and large businesses are increasingly using these devices as a means to connect with consumers. The growth of ‘mobile first’ or ‘mobile friendly’ business communication is likely to be a major trend for 2022. More businesses are expected to begin using mobile phone technology to project their messages to consumers.

AI-powered chatbot technology

Chatbot technology powered by artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most technologically advanced business communication trends that can be anticipated to have an impact in 2022. AI-powered chatbot technology gives businesses the ability to exponentially increase the efficiency and efficacy of their communications with consumers. Among other capabilities, chatbots can respond to large numbers of queries in real-time, and even preempt queries before they are submitted.

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Some older methods are here to stay - and new innovations within these traditional marketing and communication methods inspire businesses to rediscover these methods. It is also worth noting that while the capabilities of AI-driven chatbots are remarkable, this kind of technology is more suited to the strategic aims and budgets of large enterprises. The priority for many smaller businesses is to get their message directly to potential consumers in a simple, effective, and inexpensive way, such as custom neon signs. In an increasingly digital era, there is a growing interest in, and appreciation for classic, retro aesthetics, and for this reason, more businesses are likely to rediscover the commercial value of classic, custom neon signage in 2022.

Final take

The communication trends that are relevant to your business will depend on its market, industry and strategic position. Pay close attention to artificial intelligence and its impact on just about every industry over the next few months.