Meghan Markle has always been admired for her fashion, but now she is using her fashion sense to help others. The Duchess of Sussex officially launched her collection benefitting Smart Works on Thursday. Each piece purchased from the collection will result in an identical piece donated to an unemployed woman with a job interview coming up. Customers will want to get their hands on these items before they sell out.

The Duchess, who was born in California, helped curate all five pieces of The Smart Set, and U.S. fans have access to three of the pieces.

  • The Crepe Shift Dress ($32.50) is available through the Marks & Spencer website. Be sure to buy in black or blue to benefit Smart Works.
  • The John Lewis and Partners Smart Set Tote Bag ($138), available in black or tan leather, is also available stateside through the brand’s website. At the moment, they’re sold out, but they may restock.
  • The Smart Set Shirt ($125) was designed by Misha Nonoo, who is rumored to be the person who introduced Meghan to Prince Harry. It’s available on her website, and Meghan used her own money to purchase the top to the launch event for the collection.

Jigsaw, which designed a blazer and pair of trousers, does not currently ship to the U.S.

For Meghan, who is an outspoken feminist, this project is about women supporting each other. She hopes that women will think about the fact that they helped someone every time they wear a piece from the collection.

“It’s not just about the people that you know that you’re supporting, it’s about the people that you don't know, that you may never know, you may never meet,” she told guests at the launch. “As women its 100% our responsibility, I think, to support and uplift each other, to champion each other as we aim to succeed, to not set each other up for failure but instead to really be there, rallying around each other and say, ‘I want to help you.’”

Those who want to get a piece from the collection should move fast. The pieces will only be available for two weeks.