In the past five years, smartphone cameras have become incredibly powerful, with brands increasing photo resolution, adding more lenses and integrating photo storage options that allow users to snap photos without fear of filling their camera roll.

Because of this, the camera has become a killer feature on any smartphone.
And if you're lucky enough to own one of the latest Android phones with an amazing camera, you can up your photography game with some easy tips and tricks.

How to Get Started

Use Natural Light, Whenever Possible, as It Is Softer and More Flattering

There are many benefits to using natural light when taking photos on your Android phone. For one, natural light is typically more flattering than artificial light, so your photos will come out better. Additionally, it can help reduce blemishes and imperfections, giving your pictures a more polished look.

Use the Camera's Self-Timer or a Tripod To Avoid Blurry Photos

If you want to take better photos with your smartphone, one of the best things you can do is invest in a tripod. A tripod will stabilize your phone and prevent it from shaking when taking a picture. Moreover, it will help you take sharper, clearer photos by keeping your camera steady. Alternatively, you can use the timer feature in the camera app, as it allows you to set up the shot and get in position before the shutter goes off, resulting in a much better photo.

How to Set up the Feature on the Camera App on Android

  • First, open the Camera app and tap on the timer icon in the upper-right corner.
  • Next, choose the timer length.
  • Once you've selected the timer length, tap on the shutter button to start the countdown.
  • Get into the position and wait for the timer to end.

Taking Photos with HDR Technology

HDR stands for high dynamic range photography, a technique that allows you to take high-quality pictures in any light condition. HDR images are created by taking three separate photographs with different exposures and merging them into one final photo. The three pictures are taken with various combinations of shutter speeds, ISO sensitivity or aperture sizes.

How to Take HDR Pictures on Your Android Device

  • Open the camera app on your Android phone.
  • Next, tap the icon for HDR+ mode to turn on the setting and snap away.

How to Take Better Photos with an iPhone

  • Use the grid lines: The grid lines that appear on your iPhone's camera screen can be a great help when you're trying to take a well-composed photo.
  • Use the HDR setting: HDR is a setting that can be found in the iPhone camera app.
  • Use portrait mode: Portrait mode is a great way to get those gorgeous, blurred backgrounds in your photos.
  • Use Natural light: Avoid using the built-in flash whenever possible. Instead, take advantage of natural lighting by shooting outdoors or near a window.
  • Experiment often: Experiment with different composition techniques, such as framing your shots with objects in the foreground or background, or using leading lines to guide the eye.
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