Discussions are currently ongoing to see how “Deadpool 3” can be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Phase 4. When Marvel Studios announced the next set of movies at the San Diego Comic Con, the Ryan Reynolds film was missing. However, that may change if the people behind the movie agree on the kind of content they will create for the “merc with a mouth.”

Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) hasn’t been able to join the other Marvel superheroes because of the R-rated content of the masked superhero. However, that may change in the upcoming film, which will allow for a crossover.

David Leitch, who directed the 2018 sequel, told Yahoo recently that the next “Deadpool” movie could have a lower age rating. The change in the content of the film should allow it to be a part of Marvel Cinematic Universe.

A decision hasn’t yet been made, and the discussion is currently ongoing. Leitch explained that while Reynolds’ next movie doesn’t need to have R-rated content, it is also not necessary for Marvel to make only PG-13 films. They are apparently discussing to find a “happy ground” to make it work.

Making “Deadpool 3” without an R rating will be “hard,” Leitch admitted. So far, the discussions about the film have all been “positive,” according to the director.

While the fans were speculating about the future of the merc with a mouth, Reynolds joked about how his film will be a part of Marvel’s Phase 5. The actor posted a picture on Instagram that appears to be trying to solve a conspiracy theory, and he wrote in the post that he loves a “conspiracy-yarn.”

Reynolds had previously said that this has been the “greatest gig” of his life. The actor will be reprising his role in “Deadpool 3.” The film is yet to get an exact release date.

Deadpool "Deadpool 3" may be a part of Marvel Phase 4 movies. Photo: Deadpool Movie/Facebook