Janet Jackson
Janet Jackson has lost a lot of weight since giving birth to Eissa earlier this year. Pictured: Jackson erforms after the Dubai World Cup at the Meydan Racecourse on Mar. 26, 2016 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Getty Images/Francois Nel

Janet Jackson has lost a total of 70 pounds less than a year after giving birth!

While speaking with E! News, Jackson’s personal trainer, Paulette Sybliss, revealed how she managed to shed off the weight without doing cardio exercises.

“I started training her about six weeks after she had Eissa so about March we started. We had a very vigorous training schedule. We were training a minimum of four hours a week and the sessions were never less than 45 minutes, no more than an hour. Very intense, though. Very intense training,” she said.

Initially, Jackson told her trainer that she just wanted to get rid of the pregnancy weight. But Sybliss encouraged her to gain some muscles as well. “She thought she’d have to lose more and I knew she wouldn’t. You can see how she looks. I mean her waist is tiny. She looks incredible, and she’s so fit, but she’s also healthy,” she said.

Majority of Jackson’s workouts consisted of weight training. “We were doing three or four exercises with weights back to back. What that does – you would look at her and think she’s done like an hour cardio with me – but when you’re working with weights and you’re working the muscle that way, it elevates heart rate, but also it’s creating that fat burning effect both during the session and also when she left me, and that was key,” she explained.

And now that Jackson has already reached her target weight, Sybliss is helping her add a bit more lean muscle. She’s also helping her with sculpting her body. Jackson, who is on her “State of the World” tour, is also being guided by Sybliss while she travels from one place to another.

“We’re having to work smart. We make sure that she rests, she doesn’t get injured, and she can finish the tour. And thank God she’s looking great. There have been no illnesses… and that was my goal,” she said.