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Miss Cleo died at the age of 53 after a battle with cancer. Reuters

Sad news to report: “Psychic” Miss Cleo died from cancer in Palm Beach County, Florida Tuesday, TMZ reported. She was 53 years old.

The TV personality was recently hospitalized before being discharged to a hospice center last week, the publication wrote. She was originally diagnosed with colon cancer, but it spread to her lungs and liver.

Despite her sickness, she was a “pillar of strength,” her rep told TMZ. She was sounded by friends and family when she died.

Most people remember Miss Cleo, whose real name was Youree Harris, for her infomercial that ran on television in the late 90s. She would famously tell people in her signature Jamaican accent, “Call me now!” What some people might not know is that Miss Cleo wasn’t from Jamaica. She was actually born in Los Angeles, TMZ wrote.

When her gig with the psychic pay-per-call service ended, she lent her voice to the character “Auntie Poulet” in 2002’s “Grand Theft Auto” Vice City.” She also appeared in two documents about her famous role as Miss Cleo. “Hotline” came out in 2014 and “Becoming Psychic” was released in 2010, according to her page on the Internet Movie Database. She used the name Cleomili Harris, instead of Youree Harris, in the documentaries.

But that wasn’t the only name she recycled. During her career she used various aliases. Some were Janet Snyder, LaShawnda Williams, Elenore St. Julian, Corvette Mama, Desiree Canterlaw, Maria Delcampo and Christina Garcia.

Her death caused waves on social media, where people talked about times they supposedly called the hot line to talk to Miss Cleo. Her name quickly became one of the top-trending Twitter topics, with more than 18,000 tweets minutes after her death was announced by TMZ.

Funeral arrangements were not revealed by her family.

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