Since iPhone users downloaded iOS 7, one of the things many can’t stop talking about is iTunes Radio. It’s similar to Pandora, so for people who are already familiar with that probably already have a clear idea how to use iTunes Radio.

Rolling Stone wrote that Pandora currently has 70 million active users per month, and Apple is determined on winning them over. iTunes Radio is Apple’s way of streaming radio to iTunes iOS 7 and desktop app. Mashable added that it will learn from the user as the person listens, and eventually iTunes Radio will make better suggestions.

Here’s how it works:

1) There is a History tab so users can browse through any song they’ve ever listened to. Songs can’t be replayed, but unlike Pandora, clips of the songs can be previewed and then purchased if it’s a song someone really likes. It’s essentially like Apple merged Pandora and iTunes together and made it really easy to buy a song. With a simple click the tune that users want is theirs.

2) It comes with various different stations to start first-time users off. Drake and the Beatles are heavily promoted artists, but users can also choose to listen to stations with artists like Diplo, Katy Perry and Jared Leto, and they also DJ the station, Rolling Stone wrote. The site added that Leto adds in commentary while the others don’t.

3) For those who are all about being unique, custom stations can be created, which is a feature also associated with Pandora. There’s a “thumbs up” and “thumbs down” item, which means "Play more like this" or "Never play this song.” There is also a skip button, but only six songs an hour can be skipped. Stations can be shared with friends through social media, email and AirDrop.

People can’t stop talking about the new iOS 7 addition. Check out some of the comments people are posting about it on Twitter below: