• Controller drift may be caused by dirty stick joints or software issues
  • Updating PS5 software and resetting controller settings may resolve stick drift
  • Cleaning the stick joints may also fix the problem

Stick drift is one of the most irritating problems any console player can encounter, and all controllers are bound to experience this issue at some point. The latest generation of PlayStation consoles is no exception to this as users are already reporting drift issues after less than a year of use.

Luckily, this issue can be remedied using simple methods that can be done at home. Here’s how to fix PS5 controller drift without taking it apart.

Troubleshoot first

Before doing anything to the control, it is best to confirm whether or not the problem is with the game or the controller itself. DualSense controller drift might be caused by software glitches and not anything related to its hardware.

Reset the controller a couple of times and make sure that the PS5 itself is updated to the latest version to ensure that everything is properly patched up.

If this doesn’t resolve the drifting problem, users can try adjusting the controller’s Trigger Effect Intensity option in the PS5’s settings. Toggle this option off and on, then check if the sticks are still drifting.

If this fails, users can try performing a factory reset on their DualSense controllers. Turn the controller off and look for a small hole at the back of the controller. Use a small pin or a similar object to press the button inside the hole in order to restart the controller.

Physical fixes

Should all software-related fixes fail to fix the drifting controller, users can try out a few simple hardware adjustments.

Stick drift is often caused by dirt or dust clogging up the stick joints of a controller. Find a clean, dry cloth and wipe as much of the analog stick’s ball joint as possible. Move the stick around to reach the inner parts of the joint. Using compressed air on the stick joints can also help clean it more thoroughly. Do not use alcohol or other cleaning solutions to prevent further damage from occurring.

Contact Sony Support

If the fixes above failed to solve the problem, users may contact Sony Support to have their PS5 controllers checked. PS5s come with a one-year warranty, which also covers fixes for the DualSense controllers.

Visit the Sony website to contact their support services or call (800)345-7669 to get in touch with a representative.

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