If you have an iPhone with limited storage space, figuring out what you have to delete or keep can be a pain. For Twitter users, the company’s latest update will help out with this problem.

Twitter rolled out an update to its Apple iOS app Wednesday that lets users see how much storage space is taken up by the app’s cache and clear it. It’s a small, but useful, tweak for iOS users, as clearing out app storage — which can hold files like cached images or videos — has typically only been available on a developer-by-developer basis. Now, you can easily clean out the app when needed to clear off space on your phone.

How To Clear Out Twitter’s Storage Cache On iOS

  1. On your profile page, click the gear icon and go to Settings.

  2. Under General, click Data Usage. Along with highlighting video and image preview options, this section will now show how much storage is taken up by images and cached web data.

  3. Select either Media Storage or Web Storage. On each screen, you’ll see similar sets of options allowing you to clean out the respective storage for each data type. Press the red button for each data type and confirm to clear out the storage within the Twitter app.

Other Tips To Clear iPhone Space

  • Locally stored music may help keep your data usage low each month, but it can easily take up additional space on your phone. In iTunes under Options on your iPhone settings screen, you can click the checkbox “Convert higher bit rate songs to” and set it to your preferred bit rate. Lower bit rate songs will take up less space on your phone.

  • Moving photos into iCloud storage can also provide similar benefits. With the default storage or a subscription, you can still access photos without needing to have them locally stored on the phone.

  • After several iPhone iterations, users can now finally delete many of the apps that come with iOS. While some apps are required because of iOS integration, others that you may never use can easily be taken off the phone and clear up storage. Deletable apps include Compass, Stocks and the Apple Watch app.

  • Some apps don’t include the cache clearing options that Twitter just added, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t still clear up that space. By uninstalling and reinstalling apps with large data backlogs, you can clear out the extra unneeded space from the app. Find apps with excess data by checking the app-by-app storage on your phone. This can be found by clicking General in your iPhone settings app and going to Storage and iCloud Usage.