Twitter has once again opened the verification process for its users after announcing late last year that it’s disabling the program due to numerous user violations. The feature was secretly enabled this week. So if you’ve been wanting to secure a blue checkmark for your account, now is your chance.

When Twitter paused its verification process in November 2017, it announced that it will come up with a new verification system. However, it appears the social networking company has already did some tweaks to its policy without drastically changing the system. Fast Company reported Monday that Twitter is quietly verifying users again. Since the company did not announce a new verification system, it’s safe to assume that the process is still the same.

For those who have previously tried to have their account verified, they may go back to doing another attempt starting this week. On the other hand, those who haven’t dared verifying their Twitter account before may follow the simple step-by-step guide found below that was originally shared by the Buffer Blog:

  1. First, check if your Twitter profile is complete. If not, now is the time for you to provide the missing parts like the profile picture, cover photo, name, website and bio.
  2. Next, add a verified phone number to your account and confirm the email address you linked to your Twitter.
  3. It is imperative that your account has your real birthday, so don’t forget to add this one.
  4. The fourth step is to set your tweets as “public.” To do this, you need to head to Twitter security and privacy settings and remove the tick in the checkbox for “Tweet privacy.”
  5. The last but certainly not the least step is to visit the verification form on Twitter and fill it out with all pertinent data required by the company.

Take note that, again, Twitter has only enabled its verification process in certain regions. Don’t be mad when you visit the verification form and get a “Check back soon!” notification.

It isn’t clear as to which areas have been granted access to the verification program. However, a few accounts have already been given their blue verified badges in the past few weeks. For instance, Trump tell-all book “Fire and Fury” author Michael Wolff and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau director Mick Mulvaney have recently been verified.

It’s also important to note that the verification process could take a long time to complete. Many users wait months to get their blue checkmark. To hasten the process, some appeal to the empathy of the Twitter community by pouring their heart out in the space provided for the “why I should be verified” paragraph in Twitter’s verification form.