'How I Met Your Mother' Death Theory
Will "How I Met Your Mother" kill off the mother during the series finale? 'How I Met Your Mother'

We’ve all been on edge since we watched last week’s episode of “How I Met Your Mother.” In episode 19, the producers of the hit CBS series hinted that a tragic ending may be in store for one of the show’s main characters: The Mother. That’s right, fans are fearing for Cristina Milioti’s character's life after Craig Thomas and Carter Bays started digging her grave in “Vesuvius.” But will Ted’s wife bite the dust in the series finale? Well, we’re going to try to figure that out.

For nine seasons, “HIMYM” made us feel warm and fuzzy inside with its unique brand of comedy. So, wouldn’t it be strange for the sitcom to end on such a heartbreaking note? Even during the death of Marshall’s father, Bays and Thomas had us giggling as we watched flashbacks from their hysterical father/son relationship. It just seems so out of character for them to kill someone off -- especially the woman we’ve been waiting to meet since 2005.

Despite that, we’ve been drowning in a sea of clues that point to The Mother’s demise. From Ted’s weird rant in “The Time Traveler” to the slew of tissue-selfies we spotted during the final read of “HIMYM,” we have no choice but to consider The Mother’s death in the series finale.

And Ray Wise, the 66-year-old actor who plays Robin Scherbatsky’s (Cobie Smulders) dad on “HIMYM,” said that fans should brace themselves for the series finale.

“It’s going to be a lot of fun,” Wise told CBS. “It’s going to be beautifully resolved. I think every fan of the show is going to love the way it ends up. And I can’t say any more on that. I’m sworn to secrecy.”

But if Bays and Thomas do kill off Milioti’s character, we doubt “every fan” will be content with her death. Do you think The Mother will be killed off in the series finale of “How I Met Your Mother”? Vote in the poll below and let’s see how many people can figure out the mystery before March 31.