Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle’s alleged feud has resulted in their fans also fighting with each other. On social media, there are now two teams: Team Kate vs. Team Meghan.

While speaking with Express, expert Anthony Burr said that social media has played a significant role in pitting the two Duchesses to each other has resulted in a social media war. And things became even worse once the royals’ supporters seemingly took things personally.

For instance, some media platforms and websites have made it clear which Duchess they support. And on websites where the Duchess of Sussex is criticized, for instance, the royal’s supporters will post comments in an attempt to defend her. Middleton’s fans usually do the same thing when their idol is slammed.

“These remarks from the ‘haters’ were not just about Meghan and Kate – but these ‘haters’ then started having online and open vitriolic dialogue to each other, simply because one supported Kate whilst the other supported Meghan,” Burr said.

Since the birth of Markle and Prince Harry’s son, Archie, on May 6, reports about the “Suits” alum’s alleged feud with the Duchess of Cambridge have died down. But by the looks of it, it is only a matter of time before the two royals are pitted against each other again.

According to Cheatsheet, media outlets will never tire of pitting the two royals against each other because they make for wonderful news. And the Duchesses are also very relevant in the media.

“The royals don’t take the time to discuss whether Kate and Meghan are best friends because their relationship isn’t the most important item on the agenda. The royals are meant to serve the people; they aren’t celebrities,” the publication claimed.

Middleton and Markle’s feud all started before the latter tied the knot with the Duke of Sussex last year. Shortly after the royal wedding, it was revealed that Markle made Middleton cry.