• Prince Andrew's connection to Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell has once again come to light  
  • People claimed that the tour was organized by Prince Andrew
  • Maxwell was arrested on July 2 on multiple charges 

Problems for Prince Andrew do not seem to be ending anytime soon as the member of the royal family has now found himself in another controversy related to Jeffrey Epstein.

Two days after the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell in the Epstein sexual abuse case, The Telegraph released a photo that featured actor Kevin Spacey and Maxwell sitting on the throne at the Buckingham Palace. Since then, many royal experts and social media users have been wondering how they could sit on the throne when it is not allowed.

According to People, this is an unprecedented incident and people do not get to see this “hardly ever.” Speaking in the recent episode of “The Royal Report,” Michelle Tauber, senior editor at People, said that Spacey and Maxwell were “sitting” on a chair that is considered to be a “historic” artifact.

“You do not see this hardly ever, if ever,” People quoted Tauber, as saying.

Tauber also shared that the thrones in the palace are strictly for Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip. While the visitors can get to see the thrones during a tour, sitting on them would be considered an “inappropriate way” of using them.

“These are chairs — thrones — that would be roped off with the proverbial red velvet rope that you're picturing in your mind. They are not something that anyone would be expected to sit in. They are considered historic artifacts, so it's not something that would be in any way an appropriate use of the thrones regardless of who you are — unless you happen to be Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip,” Tauber said during the discussion.

People also claimed that the tour was organized by Prince Andrew himself. However, it’s unclear if he was present at that particular moment or not.

The photo has once again sparked a debate on Prince Andrew’s relationship with the convicted sex offender.

The news comes a few days after Attorney Gloria Allred, who represents 16 of Epstein’s alleged victims, suggested that Prince Andrew should talk to the Federal prosecutors in New York before Maxwell does. While addressing a press conference on Monday, Allred revealed that the “clock is ticking” for powerful men like Prince Andrew who were associated with Epstein and they should come forward to talk to the prosecutors.

“If I were Prince Andrew, I would want to speak to prosecutors before Ms. Maxwell speaks to the prosecutors. And the clock is ticking. She could decide to speak with them at any time,” the New York Post quoted Allred, as saying.

On July 2, the FBI arrested Maxwell, the longtime friend and alleged accomplice of Epstein. Sources told NBC that Maxwell was arrested in Bedford, New Hampshire on multiple charges of conspiracy to sexually abuse minors.

Ghislaine Maxwell
Ghislaine Maxwell, pictured in 2003, could face life in prison if found guilty on charges linked to Jeffrey Epstein's sex crimes. GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / Laura Cavanaugh