The Snapchat messaging application is seen on a phone screen Aug. 3, 2017. Reuters

Group chats are key for making weekend plans and staying connected when you live in different areas. Snapchat introduced them to the app back in December so that friends could share photos and have their disappearing chats in a group setting.

Most things on Snapchat are fairly easy to figure out how to do. You can get more than a few friends in the chat, up to 32 users can all be in the same chat in the app. A constellation of sparkling stars will appear next to the chat indicating that it’s a group chat.

You create a group chat the same way you would start any chat. Open the chat screen and select the new chat icon in the upper left corner. Once you’re there you can choose which friends you want included in the chat you’re using. This is also where you’ll find the chat once it’s made and when there’s a new message. The groups you’ve been added to will appear here as well.

The same rules apply to group chats as direct chats for the most part. The messages disappear after 24 hours, so if nobody says anything for that amount of time the chat will disappear as well. If you leave the chat, all of your messages as well as your name will disappear from the chat.

When members of the chat are present and looking at it or typing their names will appear at the top lit up in a bubble. These colors aren’t customizable though and just appear randomly assigned. You can however customize the name of the chat, but anything you name the chat will be visible to all members of it, so be careful what you name it as.

When you see a name lit up there you can select it to start a quick chat with them, if you’re not friends in the app you’ll then be given the option to add them as a friend. If you tap and hold on a chat you should be able to see who has seen it and if anyone has saved it. Once a group member opens a chat their name will show up below it as well.

All of the chat settings will appear in the upper left corner of the chat, this is where you’ll be able to change the chat name, add members, adjust your notifications for the chat or leave the chat. Even if you're the creator of the group chat, you still can't remove members. If you want a group sans one or more members, you'll have to make an entirely new group without those members.