Meghan Markle Prince Harry
Meghan Markle’s more “sexual” body language with Prince Harry is reportedly something that could cause problems for her with the royal family. She and Prince Harry are pictured attending a Remembrance Day event at Westminster Abbey in London on Nov. 11, 2018.  Leon Neal/Getty Images 

As rumors continue to circulate indicating that Meghan Markle is involved in a rift with her sister-in-law, Kate Middleton, a body language expert is weighing in on how the two women’s differences may be the biggest contributing factor to their alleged feud.

According to The Sun, Markle’s more extroverted personality is in direct contrast to the one exhibited by the Duchess of Cambridge—and in several ways, that could be the very thing that has reportedly led to problems between the two women.

One of the biggest ways they differ is by how they express affection for their husbands in public, body language expert Judi James told the publication. Whereas the former actress is a bit more sexual when it comes to how she embraces Prince Harry, Middleton is more reserved.

“Her repertoire is large and includes intimate and quite sexual touch like the knee-pat, back-pats of control and arm-rubs of reassurance and ownership,” James said of Markle. “She lets us and him know that they are a tight-bonded couple whereas Kate does this by her strong subliminal mirroring of William.”

“While Kate and William opted for the more traditional approach to royal PDAs, rarely touching or hugging one another in public, Meghan seems to have had emphatic touch rituals with Harry written into their marriage contract,” she added.

This difference could be seen as a big indicator of what is allegedly causing problems for the Duchess of Sussex and her sister-in-law now, because they may not be able to bond as well due to their conflicting personalities.

In addition to how each approach their relationships with their husbands while in the public eye, both women also have different approaches to other public appearances as well—including their relationships with their parents, their vastly different upbringing, and the way Markle likes to bend and break the rules, whereas Middleton is less of a risk taker and usually opts for falling in line a bit more.