Notice a lot of Flat Tummy Tea, Sneaky Vaunt or teeth whitening ads being hocked on Instagram by your favorite celebrities? There’s a reason for that: They’re making a lot of money to post those selfies.

It’s no secret that celebrities can earn some extra cash by promoting items on their Instagram pages. When it comes to ABC’s “The Bachelor,” however, they don’t get paid to be there. One way they can make up for the wages they earned while they were searching to earn is to partner with a business and place an ad on their social media pages, but some might be shocked at how high of a paycheck they can garner.

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The answer: Thousands of dollars. The exact amount depends on one’s influence. Someone who’s extremely popular, say “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star Kylie Jenner with 95 million followers, can earn as much as $300,000 for a single sponsored campaign, according to Forbes. Even if you’re one of the less famous girls, and yield a following of 100,000, as much as $5,000 for one add can be earned, added.

It’s not difficult to come across these offers, either. Kaitlyn Bristowe, the “Bachelorette” from 2015, said she was inundated with offers to make money off of Instagram when she walked off the show with fiancé Shawn Booth.

“Overnight you have this huge following, so all these brands are like, ‘Here, do you want to work with us?’” she told The Cut in a March phone interview. “So you get offers to do the Flat Tummy Tea and the teeth whitening and all that. For somebody who has worked a regular job before, you’re like, ‘Oh my gosh, you’re going to pay me to do that? Glorious.’”

So how is it so easy for businesses to contact celebrities? They have companies like Digital Brand Architects, or DBA, that essentially to public relations for the internet.

And DBA doesn’t think there is anything wrong with celebs or “digital” influencers making money from Instagram ads. “We all need to stop pretending that it’s a bad thing that digital influencers are compensated for their work,” said Raina Penchansky, cofounder of DBA, to Women’s Wear Daily in January 2016. “The digital space, bloggers included, is egalitarian. And since when is egalitarian a bad thing?”

“Services businesses kept the lights on for the first few years when everyone laughed in our face,” Penchansky said. “Everyone told us we were crazy; people said no one would pay for influencers.”

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Altogether, the firm has aroster of 130 influencers, and they earned a combined total of $50 million in 2015 alone.

One influencer, though it’s unclear if she works with DBA, is Corinne Olympios, a contestant on Season 21 of the “Bachelor.” While she didn’t win the season, she was the “villan” and currently boasts more than 755,000 followers. She promotes Ulta beauty products on her Instagram page and paired with Sugar Bear Hair gummies, which is another popular item promoted among celebs on Instagram.

Ads from Olympios usually appear in the following way: “So happy my @sugarbearhair restock came today! Obsessed with these blue bears! #sugarbearhair #ad”


So happy my @sugarbearhair restock came today! Obsessed with these blue bears! ___#sugarbearhair #ad

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