Christina El Moussa
Christina El Moussa, pictured Dec. 13, 2014, is reportedly dating Gary Anderson, a contractor. Getty Images

The husband-wife duo who buys houses, fixes ‘em up and sells them for a profit on “Flip or Flop” make quite a bit of cash from their forays. But their best project to date might surprise some.

Christina and Tarek El Moussa made $167,600 selling a single house in Costa Mesa, California, a review of episodes of “Flip or Flop” by MSN found in a report Wednesday. That project, featured on the 47th installment of the hit HGTV show, was a house the couple bought for $710,000 and sold for $1,149,000. Subtracting the $212,900 worth of renovations and the $55,000 in closing costs, the couple saw a roughly 24-percent profit on their initial investment.

That’s before their payment from the show for their appearances, too. The El Moussas reportedly receive an appearance fee of $10,000 per “Flip or Flop” episode and can make up to $40,000 for speaking fees if they are hired to attend an event.

Of course, money doesn’t always mean happiness for a couple. The duo officially split Dec. 13, and Christina said, according to sources close to her who spoke with TMZ, that she isn’t interested in rekindling that fire. She reportedly started seeing contractor Gary Anderson, who supposedly gave her a shoulder to cry on after Tarek walked out into the woods with a gun May 23. It is unclear whether Tarek is interested in getting back with his former lady, but he breifly dated after their breakup, too.

Still, the couple wants to friendly for the sake of their two kids, sources said. They were recently seen getting coffee together at a Starbucks two days after they announced their breakup, which the folks over at TMZ said looked pretty awkward. They ended that meet up with a hug and went their separate ways.

They still reportedly want to keep doing the TV show.