Prince Charles Princess Diana
Prince Charles reportedly knew his marriage to Princess Diana was going to be a “disaster.” The former couple is pictured leaving Westminster Abbey in London on Feb. 28, 1982. Fox Photos/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Their marriage ended in divorce after his affairs were exposed, but a shocking new report is claiming that Prince Charles knew his marriage to Princess Diana wouldn’t last before he even married her.

According to Express UK, the future King of England was already aware his marriage was doomed to fail when he wed Princess Diana in 1981. During the recent In Conversation event at the London press club, royal correspondent Robert Jobson reportedly revealed that Prince Charles “never wanted to marry Diana in the first place,” because he was positive his marriage was destined to fail.

“He knew it was a mistake and he knew it was going to be a mistake after their third meeting,” Jobson revealed.

Jobson also claimed that Diana knew he felt that way and even had her own doubts about the marriage, but went through with it anyway in the end. The pair wound up divorcing in 1996, one year before her death in a tragic car crash in Paris.

This isn’t the first report that has claimed trouble within the pair’s marriage, or that the decision to wed was made hastily. Another recent report claimed Prince Charles rushed into a marriage with Princess Diana, while another also indicated that he was encouraged by his father, Prince Philip, to marry her and cheat with Camilla Parker-Bowles.

Jobson himself has also indicated that Charles wasn’t the only one who remained unfaithful. At the same event, he previously stated that Diana was also guilty of having affairs, and her famous line about there being three people in her marriage was incorrect due to her own alleged sordid history.