Prince Philip and Prince Charles used to have a strained relationship. When the future king was much younger, things were reportedly worse between him and his dad.

In the book “My Husband and I: The Inside Story of 70 Years of the Royal Marriage,” royal author Ingrid Seward claimed that Prince Philip related more with Princess Anne because they share a lot of things in common.

Prince Philip and Princess Anne both loved sports and the outdoors. The Duke of Edinburgh even encouraged his only daughter to take up riding. And during their camping sessions, it was Princess Anne who derived the greatest pleasure from the trip, not Prince Charles.

“The contrast was reflected in their relationship with their parents. Charles gravitated to his mother, who provided to his mother, who provided him a sympathetic ear; Anne was close to Philip,” Seward said.

Seward went on to say that Prince Charles used to give the impression that he was terrified of his father. The Duke of Edinburgh, in turn, also had little understanding of his eldest son’s fears and inhibitions and was inclined to laugh at them.

The royal author noted that fact that Prince Philip also didn’t understand Princess Anne’s fears and inhibitions at all times. But whenever he would laugh at her, Princess Diana would often brave her dad’s ridicule.

Meanwhile, Seward also talked about Prince Charles and Princess Anne’s relationship growing up. She said that the latter was very dominant during their younger years.

On one occasion, Princess Anne returned from her riding lessons and got into an argument with Prince Charles. During their heated exchange, Princess Anne proceeded to hit Prince Charles with her riding crop.

“Anne had just returned from a riding lesson and set about her brother with her riding crop. Charles burst into tears as the Queen opened the door… In exasperation, she shouted, ‘Why can’t you behave yourselves!’” she said.

But later on in their lives, Prince Charles and Princess Anne became close.

Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip, Prince Edward, Prince Charles, Prince Andrew and Princess Anne
Pictured: Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, Prince Andrew, Princess Anne and Prince Edward on the occasion of a dinner to mark the forthcoming Diamond Wedding Anniversary of The Queen and The Duke on Nov. 18, 2007. Getty Images/Tim Graham