Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth’s seven-decade marriage has survived despite the fact that they are temperamental opposites due to a number of reasons.

During a previous interview, the Queen called the Duke of Edinburgh her strength and stay. Prince Philip, on the other hand, praised his wife for having tolerance in abundance.

Royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams told Express that these are just some of the things that have strengthened the royal couple’s marriage. Even though they have opposite personalities, they have managed to make things work through marvelous mutual supportiveness.

“This was a marriage between temperamental opposites which has been notable, not just for its longevity, but for the marvelous mutual supportiveness that has characterized it. Philip has had two main aims, to support the Queen and the institution of monarchy… In these, he has succeeded brilliantly though not without an idiosyncratic quality which has, on occasion, made him controversial,” he said.

Fitzwilliams also said that Prince Philip is a real modernizer. The Queen, on the other hand, was averse to change. The Duke of Edinburgh was also energetic who loved both sport and philosophy, and he’s also a fascinating character.

The Queen, on the other hand, is conservative in nature and temperamentally resistant to change, which has made her ideally suited to rule the nation as a constitutional monarch.

And Prince Philip’s willingness to sacrifice his military career and give up his surname so that the Queen could serve his nation was another reason why their marriage worked.

“Philip’s role as Consort is far from the role he would ideally have chosen, in the navy he would probably have risen high had not the King’s failing health forced him to terminate a promising career. He has compensated with involvement in a considerable range of activities including founding the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme and interests which range from design to painting,” he said.

Prince Philip is also practical, and Her Majesty had always been aware that she could rely on his valuable advice.