Protecting the members of the royal family can cost millions of dollar, and a new report is claiming Prince Charles’ desire to strip Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice of this perk has caused a feud with their father Prince Andrew.

Charles’ sons Prince William and Prince Harry are second and sixth in line to the British throne, respectively. Meanwhile, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie hold the eighth and ninth spot in line for the throne, respectively.

Due to their chances of never reigning, Charles reportedly believes the royal family should be “slimmed down” so they won’t appear to be “too expensive” to the public, the Express UK reported.

Royal expert, Jennie Bond, revealed Prince Andrew wants his daughters to have full-time royal roles so they can always be protected, however, that means spending more of Britain’s money.

“Prince Andrew has a different view, and he wants his girls to go out and have full-time royal roles. But that is costly because there’s a lot of security involved, a lot of arrangements have to be made,” she explained.

The former head of royal protection, Dai Davies, appeared to agree and added there’s a good chance Prince Charles will be allowed to take away Eugenie and Beatrice’s security detail. “It costs a lot, and you’ve got to argue that the priority perhaps should go to more senior royals, and they’re the ones who require it,” the former employee revealed.

Although there are royals like Princess Anne whose children have never received royal protection, the Duke of York has been adamant about his daughters remaining protected for the rest of their lives.

Kensington Palace has not released any statement addressing the possible feud between Prince Charles and Prince Andrew.