Queen Elizabeth II’s first impression of Sophie, Countess of Wessex, was reportedly not very positive.

In the 1995 book “Prince Edward,” royal author Ingrid Seward that Her Majesty first met Prince Edward’s wife in 1993 shortly after the royal couple started dating. But Seward said that the monarch had a disconcerting impression of her daughter-in-law.

“The Queen, cloaked in her majesty dignity, can be chillingly imperious in her disapprove, and her first appraisal of Sophie was disconcerting in the extreme,” she said.

After seeing Sophie, the Queen’s first comment was that no one would notice Prince Edward’s wife in the crowd. But Seward said that the remark may not necessarily be a bad thing.

“After the gregariousness of her daughters-in-law, Diana and Sarah, Sophie’s sensible and low-key approach to the situation were welcomed and the Queen gradually warmed to her. If she had wished, the Queen could have terminated the affair or at least made it very difficult to continue by making it clear to Prince Edward that she would not welcome Sophie in any of her royal homes,” Seward said.

And the fact that the Queen didn’t stop Prince Edward from seeing Sophie was a measure of the monarch’s approval. Sophie also became more assimilated into Prince Edward’s way of life.

The Queen also changed how she treats her children’s partners after Prince Edward introduced Sophie to her. Her Majesty allowed Sophie to move into the palace so that appearances could be maintained.

But when Prince Charles started dating Princess Diana and Prince Andrew also dated Sarah Ferguson, the Queen only allowed the two women to move into the palace after they got engaged to her sons.

The Queen’s change of heart gave Sophie the opportunity to stay with Prince Edward whenever and wherever she wanted to. It was also a sensible way of familiarizing Sophie with the royal family that is packed with enormous complexity.

Prince Edward and Sophie celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary this year.