Queen Elizabeth II’s cheeky sense of humor saved a royal guest from an awkward situation.

In 1960, Charles De Gaulle made an official visit to London with his wife Madam Yvonne De Gaulle. Queen Elizabeth II threw a state dinner at Buckingham Palace to honor the former French president.

During their lavish dinner, a language barrier almost sparked chaos among the guests. According to Adam Helliker, author of a forthcoming book about the royal family, the awkward situation happened when one guest asked the president’s wife about her retirement.

“A guest asked Madame de Gaulle what she was most looking forward to in her retirement, which was imminent,” Helliker told Fabulous Digital.

“With great elaboration (as she didn’t speak much English) she replied: ‘A penis.’ An awkward silence ensued for some time, until the Queen herself came to the rescue, and she said with a broad grin: ‘Ah, happiness.’”

The comical anecdote from the French State Visit was said to be Prince Philip’s favorite story of all time. The Duke of Edinburgh shares the monarch’s sense of humor.

One time, Prince Philip reportedly hid a corgi in a desk cupboard. When the Queen asked her husband where it was, the duke said he didn’t know. However, his plan backfired because when the corgi heard Her Majesty’s voice it started crying. Royal expert Ingrid Seward believed that the royals’ marriage lasts long because they laugh together.

Queen Elizabeth II is also a very good mimic. Aside from her witty sense of humor, she has a talent in mimicking others’ accent. One time, she was challenged to mimic one lady’s deep southern accent. She asked to give her until the end of dinner to do it so she could prepare and when she did it was “word-perfect.”

“We all know life is very, very difficult. I think the Queen is the comedian. She’s a wonderful mimic,” Seward said.

In related news, Queen is in Balmoral for her summer vacation. She was spotted attending a church service last Sunday with her favorite son, Prince Andrew.

Seward also revealed that the Queen loves “good gossip.” When she’s in Scotland, she takes interest in her staff’s romantic comings and goings.

Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II is seen at the Chichester Theatre while visiting West Sussex on Nov. 30, 2017, in Chichester, United Kingdom. Getty Images/Stuart C. Wilson