A screen displays the Instagram logo during a presentation in New York, Dec. 12, 2013. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

Instagram users who want to share content from other pages and profiles unfortunately don’t have an optional button they can tap to repost. Instead users are forced to look for another way to repost content -- and luckily there are multiple ways to do that.

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter allow users to retweet and share posts uploaded by other users, but with Instagram it requires more steps and an extra app.

Here’s how users can repost content from other pages and profile on Instagram.

Reposts On Instagram: Here's How To Do It

Repost is a popular app Instagram users use to circulate content that is not theirs. The free app is available for download for Android and iOS device owners. The app lets Instagram users repost other pages’ content, while also giving credit to the original source.

To repost using the app users must follow these steps:

  1. Download the Repost app, open it and link Instagram account.

  2. Users can then go on Instagram and find the post they want to share on their page. Open the menu on the right-hand corner of the post and tap Copy Share URL (profile or page must be public).

  3. Open up the Repost app.

  4. The link that was just copied will automatically appear on the top of the app. Tap on the link.

  5. The next page will open up the post with the original Instagrammer username on the bottom. The app then offers choices on where the credit can be placed (lower-left, lower-right, top-right or top-left). There is also an option for those who don’t want to include the credit, but that’s only if the Pro version is downloaded for $4.99.

  6. After choosing the credit’s place, users can change the color of the credit display’s box to light or dark.

  7. After users are done, they can tap Repost on the bottom of the screen and tap Allow when the Repost app asks for permission to access device photos.

  8. The app will process the photo or video and will automatically open up Instagram with the post. Users can then tap Next and apply a filter. If it’s a video, users can also trim the clip and choose a cover photo.

  9. After users are done editing they can tap Next and write a caption for the reposted content or can include the original Instagrammer’s description. To do that users can tap Paste and the caption will automatically appear in the text box.

  10. Users can then tap OK and the content will be reposted on their Instagram profile.

Besides Repost, there other apps that allow users to circulate content on Instagram. The app DownloadGram lets people download Instagram images on to their device, which means users can then repost them the same way they would upload their own photo. For those who don’t want to download any apps, they can take screenshots with their device of other posts and then upload the image to their Instagram page.