2017 Best 9 collage Instagram photos selena gomez
How to create a 2017 Best Nine collage of top Instagram photos, like this Selena Gomez year review. 2017bestnine.com

As 2017 comes to an end, users have the option to create a collage containing their top Instagram posts.

The tool that creates the collages is not a part of Instagram, but it’s a good way for people to see what their most-liked pictures were this year.

How To Create A 2017 Best 9 Instagram Collage

The site 2017bestnine.com has a generator that creates a collage that contains the user’s top nine most-like photos of the year. Here are a few examples of the generator’s best nine collages for top Instagrammers.

Selena Gomez Instagram Top Nine

Cristiano Ronaldo Best Nine 2017

best 8 instagram 2017 ronaldo
How to create a 2017 Best Nine collage of top Instagram photos, like this Cristiano Ronaldo year review. 2017bestnine.com

Kylie Jenner Instagram Top Nine 2017

best 9 kylie jener instagram
How to create a 2017 Best Nine collage of top Instagram photos, like this Kylie Jenner year review. 2017bestnine.com

To create a 2017 Instagram top nine collage, Instagram users can head to 2017bestnine.com. All users have to do is plug in their Instagram username. The site does not ask for the user’s password or a special code. The User’s profile must be public for the generator to read and grab the pictures to create the collage, at least for the time it takes to make the Best Nine review.

When users plug in their Instagram username, they’ll see a notice that says the site is generating the collage and that they should note "it takes like 10 minutes to complete your request due to a huge demand. Your request is already on our queue, so please come back later.” However, the creation of the Instagram Best 9 review doesn’t always take up to 10 minutes. After the collage is created, the site displays it on the screen.

There are two options for the generated Instagram Best 9 photo, an “original version” and a “Photo only” option. The original version shows users the collage and on the bottom it has the person’s username, number of posts that were upload to Instagram in 2017 and how many likes were received this year. The photo only version takes off all the extra information on the bottom of the collage. Users can pick which version they want or can save both as JPEG through the regular “Save Image As” process.

People can share their Best Nine review on Facebook and Twitter using the buttons on the site. if they want to share it on Instagram, they’ll have to upload the saved JPEG image.

Those who also want to see their best Instagram photos for 2016 can do so too using the same process. To do so, users can go to 2016bestnine.com. Users also have the option to create a 2017 collage for their friends by plugging in the person's username to the generator. The tool works as long as the friend’s profile is public.

Besides the Instagram Best Nine 2017 generator, Facebook is also creating its annual “Year in Review” videos for users. Facebook users can view their 2017 videos by going to facebook.com/yearinreview. People also have the option to edit and share their videos.