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MagSafe Wallet
The MagSafe Wallet is Apple's latest accessory 9to5Mac

If you're an Apple loyalist, you are probably up-to-date with the latest iPhone line, which was announced by Tim Cook and company in October. It came with a slew of accessories, not the least of which is the MagSafe Charger, the new magnetic dock that is now the standard on all versions of the iPhone 12.

The other talk-of-the-Apple-town is the MagSafe Wallet. This leather accesory has been a topic of contention on the internet, with many users suggesting it does not sit strongly enough at the back of the iPhone. This is fair criticism, given a wallet is supposed to provide security rather than worry. Some users have complained that the wallet detaches from the phone every time you put it into your pocket.

Others, such as YouTuber Peter McKinnon, say that "everyone is wrong" about the wallet, and that it is an almost perfect accessory. Coming from a perspective of a former leather craftsman, he says that it actually solves problems instead of create ones.

We checked out the MagSafe Wallet ourselves to form our own opinion.

MagSafe Wallets: Apple’s latest innovation

MagSafe Wallet
How Safe Is It?

Apple has designed the wallet to snap onto the back of the iPhone 12, the iPhone 12 Pro, Pro Max and the iPhone 12 Mini perfectly. The wallets come in four colors: black, Baltic blue, saddle brown and California coffee yellow. The wallet is made with natural leather and come with the ‘iPhone’ brand name printed on them. You can even get leather cases for your iPhone that match the colors of the MagSafe Wallets.

The wallet is expectedly pricey, with each costing $60. It can fit about two cards comfortably, and three if you squeeze them in. They are designed in such a way that you must detach the wallet from your phone before taking cards out of it. Every wallet has a slot at the back for this purpose, just above the magnet. When it is attached to the phone, your screen will indicate this.

How does it stick?

MagSafe Wallet Sticking
Does it stick formly enough? 9ti5mac

The first impressions that you get about the MagSafe Wallet is that it sticks firmly and looks elegant at the back of your iPhone. The wallet stuck to the phone tightly enough, even with a third-party case that we used for the test. So, if you are worried whether the wallet will stick to other cases, our test shows that they do, provided it is thin enough.

It did pop off the case with just a slight tug, which begs the question: how tightly can Apple make its MagSafe accessories stick? If it is too tight, it may not be easy to get it off the phone gracefully and you may have to struggle to remove your credit card or ID. The wallet stuck as strongly even with the case off too, so we assume that Apple has made it this way to maintain ease in attaching and removing the MagSafe Wallet.

We also tested the wallet with Apple’s genuine leather iPhone cases , which have an additional magnet unit in them. The cases come in five different colors: four that match the wallet colors and an additional Product Red color, too. The cases have cut-outs for the usual speaker, microphone, charging and camera slots and have elevated buttons for power, notifications and volume rockers. The MagSafe Wallets stuck a little more tightly on the new cases, but had the same ease of removal.

The Pocket Test

MagSafe In Your Pocket
You may want to be extra careful here TheVerge

Users have complained that the wallet slips out of its place when you put it into your pocket. For those who wear pants that fit loosely, it may not seem to be much of a worry because the phone slipped easily in and out of the pocket. If you are wearing tracks, chinos, formal trousers or regular fitting jeans, there may not be too much of an issue. However, be extra safe when you are trying to shove the phone into a tighter pocket, because the wallet displaces from its position easily. You could lose precious items if you are not careful. As McKinnon pointed out, users just have to be a little more aware of how they're handling the wallet. And, if it's meant to hold important cards, this should be a given.

The overall experience

MagSafe Wallet
Overall, it is a great accessory for your iPhone EndGadget

One of the best things about the MagSafe Wallet is the fact that it works well, even with third-party cases. It looks great on the iPhone, and Apple has made sure that the design is sophisticated, and the materials used are of excellent quality, giving it the premium look associated with the brand.

However, the wallet makes the phone a little heavier because of the magnets, and that may be a concern for those who like their phones to be light. For those of you who like tight-fitting pants, make sure that you are more careful to make sure that the wallet is there when you slip it into your pocket. Perhaps this Apple's way of expressing its trust that their users have good safety and security habits to being with.

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