In what could create quite some controversy, Samsung's advertisement for the new Galaxy S2, suggests that Apple iPhone fans are so foolish and blinded by marketing stunts that they cannot acknowledge a better phone.

Although the ad does not refer specifically either to Apple or the iPhone 4S, the meaning is apparently quite evident - two people are shown holding the phones; one is a Galaxy S2 and the other an iPhone 4S look-a-like.

The advertisement shows people standing in a queue outside an unopened store that looks like an Apple outlet.

I think two people just left, one of the women in the queue says.

Why would they be leaving when we're only nine hours away? asks the man standing next to her.

The ad, apparently, also targets battery problems that the recently launched iPhone 4S has been facing.

Uh... oh... the blogs are saying the battery look sketchy, another man in the queue says, while reading off his phone.

If it looks the same, how would people know I've upgraded? a fourth asks his friend.

Just then, the ad shows a smarter-looking group of people with Samsung Galaxy S2s in their hands. The crowd is visibly impressed by the bigger screen of the Samsung phone.

Check out the screen, this thing is huge, someone can be heard saying in the background.

In the finale, the crowd recognizes the brand as Samsung but seems indifferent.

I could never get a Samsung, one man says, I'm creative.

Dude, you're a barista, replies the man standing beside him.

The ad seems to indicate that Samsung is quite confident about the Galaxy S2's ability to outclass Apple's iPhone 4S. However, at the end of the day, it is the consumers who will decide.

Here is the ad: