Success can be measured and defined in a multitude of ways. For some, success can be measured by how much money your company made in a given year or how many employees you were able to add to your team. For others, success can be measured by the number of views on their social media pages or traffic on their sites. No matter how you define it, success can easily be attained if you put in the work.

Rich Feola
Rich Feola Rich Feola

Something a little more challenging to accomplish, however, is significance. You can have all the success in the world, but are you making an impact? Not every business owner has the capability to transition from simply successful to significant, but Solar Exclusive's Rich Feola has shown that it is possible to do so not only in how you approach work but also life. From where he started to now, Feola has built a legacy that has truly impacted the marketing industry.

Simple Beginnings

Life was simpler before social media and all that the internet has to offer became the focus of most people's lives, and the same could be said for the world of marketing. Before digital marketing was the most common approach, a lot of sales for solar were made knocking door-to-door, and this is precisely how Feola started out.

Despite the fact that the majority of people like the door-knocking approach, marketing strategies took a digital turn, and Feola was leading the charge in digital marketing on Facebook. When this space became oversaturated, he again led the charge and moved to the YouTube platform.

Now, Feola's Solar Exclusive is the largest solar advertiser on the YouTube platform, and they take an untraditional, multilayer approach to marketing, combining digital and door-to-door.

"I came from the door-knocking background and thought, what if you add this extra digital layer? Then you can knock when you feel like it or knock on the doors of certain leads," said Feola. "Why restrict yourself to only door knocking? Why make online lead strategy the only thing you do? Do both, it's the best way and it's served us well."

From Successful Owner to Significant Leader

It's no secret that Solar Exclusive is a successful digital marketing agency. They have an amazing team of Google and YouTube ad experts that generate over two million leads, which translates to increased sales for their clients. But what you may not know is how great of a leader Feola is.

One of his main pride points is that he always pays his employees first. He provides them with top salaries, great incentives, and bonuses. His priority as a leader is to advance the company and he knows he needs a solid team to accomplish that goal. He makes sure to reward the people who help him push Solar Exclusive forward, and he does all of this by putting them first, even choosing to make sure they are well taken care of before paying himself.

Unsurprisingly, the way he treats his team has resulted in a strong team culture and everyone who works at Solar Exclusive is passionate about their job and the company they work for. Aggressive bonuses, incentives, and rewarded behavior have taken the company from $50 thousand per month to $4 million per month.

Great leadership and a strong team have gained Solar Exclusive the reputation as the most reputable, most trustworthy, and most results-driven digital marketing agency in the solar industry. Feola has created a significant legacy and has changed the solar sales industry with his digital marketing agency Solar Exclusive. His journey is a true testament to the difference between being successful and being significant.

About Rich Feola & Solar Exclusive

Rich Feola is the Founder of Solar Exclusive, an 8-figure marketing company that generates unique, qualified leads and appointments for solar companies across the nation. Solar Exclusive has been featured in Digital Journal, Yahoo Finance, NBC and FOX among other publications.