how to find your lost or stolen android phone
We’ve created a guide on how you can locate your lost Android phone using Google, how to set up Android Device Manager and third-party apps that can help find your missing device. TechRadar

Sometimes you just need to capture what’s on your phone screen. Screenshotting is great for sending a picture of a conversation or a place on Google Maps. But how to do it varies from phone to phone, so here’s a guide to taking a screenshot.

How To Take A Screenshot On An iPhone

On any iPhone or iPad you simply hold the power/lock button and the home button at once, you’ll then hear a camera capture sound if your sound is set to “ON” and see the screen flash. The phone will then be stored in the “photos” app folder.

There is a second way to screenshot on an iPhone that’s running on iOS 10. If you open “Settings” and go to “General” there is an option called “Accessibility.” If you click “Accessibility” and scroll down to the “Interaction” menu you’ll see “AssistiveTouch” as an option. Open “AssistiveTouch” and turn it on. Then hit “Customize Top Level Menu” and on the left side there should be an icon with a star, click it and scroll down to “Screenshot” and select it. Then you should have the AssistiveTouch menu on your phone at all times, it’s movable so you can make sure it doesn’t block anything else you need on your screen. Simply click into the menu when you want to take a screenshot and choose “Screenshot.” The screenshot will still appear in your “Photos” app.

How To Take a Screenshot On Your Android Phone

To screenshot on an Android 4.0 or later the process is pretty similar. You hold down the volume down button and the power/sleep/wake button at the same time until the screen flashes, or in some cases depending on the phone it may be the power/sleep/wake button and the home button. The photo will then be in the “screenshots” folder in the Gallery app. On the Samsung Galaxy S5 or newer your other option is to place the length of your hand vertically along the screen’s edge and swipe your entire hand over the phone while keeping in contact with the screen from one side to the other. You can turn this feature off by going into “Settings” then to “Motion” and “Motion and gestures” choose “Palm swipe to capture” and then turn it to off.