Have you ever thought about the possibility of tracking a person's phone and accessing their exact location without them knowing? As technology improved, phones got smarter and location tracking became possible, but required rooting or jailbreaking for Android and iOS-based devices respectively. This intrusive tweaking made the operating systems vulnerable to external attacks.

There is therefore the need to develop advanced GPS and Wi-Fi based location tracking that doesn’t damage or expose the operating system of these devices to vulnerabilities.

We have been on the lookout for a platform that provides a phone monitoring solution that is effective, safe and stealth. With Spyic, you can track cell phone location without them knowing to ensure the safety of your loved ones.

Phone Spy Solution
Phone Spy Solution Spyic

Part 1: Is it Possible to Track a Cell Phone Location for Free?

Many people avoid cell phone tracking because they think it is only possible at exorbitant prices. With several mobile phone trackers on the internet today claiming to be free, safe and effective, very few have proven to be outstanding.

So why do you need location tracking? Location tracking with Spyic is needed for a variety of things.

Some of them include finding your phone in the event that it gets missing, tracking your kids activities on their smartphones, protecting your kids from cyberbullies and predators, finding out your employees location and so much more.

You can even use Geofencing to create no-go-zones and be alerted when breached. Spyic also allows you to track a phone with just the phone number.

Part 2: How Do You Track a Phone Location Without Them Knowing?

Tracking and monitoring a mobile device is not as difficult as you might think. With the right platform like Spyic, you can easily track a cell phone location with them knowing.

spyic-track-cell-phone-location Spyic

2.1 How does Spyic help you track without them knowing?

Spyic allows you to view, in real time, the GPS and Wi-Fi based locations of the target without them knowing. Tracking in stealth mode is possible on Android and iOS platforms.

With this phone tracking application, there is no need to install any app on the device. What this means is that your tracking activities would be inconspicuous and remain unknown to the target for as long as you choose. This is the case regardless of what platform the device runs on.

The non-requirement of downloading the software’s app also saves you space on your device’s storage partition.

FInally, for such technical activity, one would expect a long list of steps. The platform is surprisingly easy to navigate and use even for non-techie individuals.

2.2 How to achieve phone tracking and monitoring with Spyic

The first step to tracking a cell phone with Spyic is signing up. This comes at no cost and is done using your email. After creating a free account using your email, you are taken to the setup wizard page where you name the device and select the operating system of the cell phone you want to track. Depending on the target platform, the setup processes are different but easy.

2.2.1 how to track phone location of iOS device

Devices based on iOS are no doubt one of the most difficult devices to remotely track. However, with Spyic, you can remotely monitor another iPhone in two three steps.

Step 1. Create a Spyic account

First step is to create your Spyic account. With a premium account subscription, you gain access to so much more on the platform.

spyic-sign-up Spyic

Step 2. Proceed to the iOS setup wizard

With your account created, proceed to the control panel and name the device you want to monitor for easy recognition.

Select the OS of the target device (iOS) and enter the iCloud details. Make sure backup is enabled on the device and two-factor authentication (2FA) is turned off on the target device.

spyic-verify-icloud-id-guide Spyic

Step 3. Monitor on control panel

Once done, you can start tracking the GPS location of the device. The data you need will be accessible on your dashboard.

2.2.1 how to track Android phone location

Tracking Android-based devices requires a slightly different process.

Step 1. Sign up and registration

Create your Spyic account to gain access to the platform.

After registering, name the cell phone and select Android on your setup wizard. Unlike iOS devices, you would have to go through some setup process on the Android device you want to target.

Before you start, pick up the phone and make sure installation of apps from unknown sources is enabled. Also disable play protect to allow smooth installation.

Step 2. Download and install Spyic on the device

  • With the link visible on your setup page, visit the download page on the phone to download the app by swiping right.

  • Locate the APK file on the device and install it.

  • Start the app, read and agree to the privacy policy.

  • Sign in with your Spyic account details and follow the prompts to give permissions and finish the setup on the target device.

  • Hide the application when installation is done to work in stealth mode.

Step 3. Monitor and track on your dashboard

With the phone installation done, you can go back to your account to finish up and start monitoring the target device.

spyic-dashboard Spyic

Part 3: Track a Cell Phone Location Online

Can I track a cell phone online? This is a question most of you have asked and want answers to. This review was written after trying out the awesome spying and location tracking service called Spyic.

Spyic proves to be arguably the best way to track a phone online with its user friendly platform, accuracy and security. With a free registration, you gain access to the available features.

Once your Spyic setup is complete, you can track and monitor the registered devices online and know their location in real time.

3.1 Why choose Spyic?

Spyic proves to be not just an excellent location tracker but also the perfect phone monitoring platform.


  • No rooting or jailbreaking needed

Most trackers require you to root or jailbreak your device, making them vulnerable and insecure. Spyic allows you to monitor and track phones without jeopardizing your device's security.

  • No need for app installation on iOS devices

With Spyic, there is absolutely no need to handle the device or install an app. You just have to enter the iCloud credentials.

  • Secret monitoring with stealth mode

You can monitor devices totally undetected. Even with Android devices that require app installation on the target device, you can hide the app and monitor in stealth mode.

  • Geofencing

The geofencing features allows you to set up no-go areas and notifies you when your partner, ward or employee visits those areas.

spyic-geo-fence-alert Spyic
  • Data security with no third party access

Data security is something of great concern to people and not all apps assure that. Nobody wants a third party to access or store their data or that of their loved ones. Spyic stores no data on its servers, which means everything is kept between you and the target device


  • App installation on Android devices

  • Wouldn't work on iOS if two-factor authentication is enabled

3.2 What other features are available on Spyic?

There are several other features asides tracking a phone’s location accessible to Spyic users. Some of these features include:

  • Message monitoring

You can use it for messages and social media monitoring, gaining access to text messages and social media platforms installed on their phone. This helps you know who they talk to, figure out cyberbullies and predators etc.

spyic-view-message Spyic
  • Call log viewing

You may notice your kid's hesitation in picking calls, or walking away when they are about to answer a call. This makes you worry and you feel the need to make sure they are safe from harm. Contact and call monitoring is possible with Spyic. It gives you access to their call logs and their contact list, knowing who they talk to frequently, time and duration of calls etc.

  • Browsing history

Monitoring your kid's browser has become a necessity in today's world. With the internet filled with different kinds of information, Spyic gives you access to the browsing history on the device and know the sites being visited. This lets you know what your kid does online, their frequently visited sites, what they are going through etc.

spyic-check-browser-history Spyic
  • Keylogger

The keylogger feature tracks the keyboard usage of the target helping you decipher searches, messages, passwords and other things inputted.

  • Photo and video viewing

You also gain access to media files on the target phone; videos, camera pictures, screenshots, downloads etc. You can easily refresh and update the pictures and videos uploaded on you Spyic platform.


Cell phone tracking has become a necessity in today’s world because of incessant online bullying and the need to ensure the safety, both online and offline, of our loved ones. This need can be met with effective phone location and monitoring apps that are stealth, safe and secure.

For best results, choose cell phone tracking applications that do not need you to jailbreak your device as this can make your phone prone to data theft. In addition to having these perks, you can create an account on Spyic for free.