A study found conservative political candidates, like President Donald Trump, were found more attractive than liberal candidate and benefited greatly. Reuters

There have been many theories as to how President Donald Trump was able to win the White House. Some have blamed Russian interference. Others pegged Democrat Hillary Clinton’s “deplorables” comment about Trump's supporters, her campaign’s overall strategy and the timing of FBI Director James Comey’s email investigation announcement.

It turns out that the answer could just be because Trump, and other conservative politicians, were simply more physically attractive than liberal candidates, according to a University of Helsinki study published last month.

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While the study did not conclude that conservatives by-and-large were better looking than liberals, it found that axiom could solely be applied to conservative politicians when it came to elections in the United States, the European Union, Australia and Finland.

Overall, and as many other studies have shown, a person’s looks, especially a politician’s, “matter a great deal” and were integral to a right-leaning candidate’s success.

“The results of my study are in concordance with other studies that show that the effect of attractive looks is twice as large for politicians on the Right compared to their counterparts on the Left,” professor of social psychology Jan-Erik Lonnqvist said.

However, Lonnqvist also concluded that the more educated a voter was the more the importance of good looks diminished.

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“One possible reason for the greater influence of looks on Right-wing constituents could be that they are less informed. Previous research has also shown that conservative voters have a more concrete, perhaps less sophisticated way of thinking,” he said.

Other than the scandals and Clinton’s "deplorables" blunder, Trump’s rhetoric and histrionics along the campaign trail greatly influenced and rang true with voters who did not have a college education. In particular, FiveThirtyEight found after Election Day that Clinton actually bested President Barack Obama in many counties where voters were more educated . Conversely, Trump swept up swaths of swing state counties that had less educated voters.