There’s a new app that Snapchat users are linking to their accounts to find out what their friends on the photo sharing app truly think about them. The Sarahah app, created by the developer ZainAlabdin Tawfiq, is a third-party app that links up with Snapchat. The apps' description in the App Store says, “Sarahah helps you in discovering your strengths and areas for improvement by receiving honest feedback from your employees and your friends in a private manner.”

It’s marketed as an honesty app, one that lets friends on Snapchat send anonymous messages to those they’re connected with via the app. It’s quickly climbed the charts in the App Store but the reviews aren’t exactly glowing. It has two stars on average in the App Store and on Google Play many comments about it call it a scam or fake.

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The app is a third-party app to Snapchat, meaning it’s not made by Snap Inc. but it is connected to their app. These apps can compromise account information and Snapchat can lock users who use such apps out of their accounts, says their site. But for those looking to download Sarahah to see what all the hype is about it’s fairly simple.

How to get and use the Sarahah app with Snapchat:

First download the app onto your phone and make an account, you can also make an account online. To link the account with your Snapchat account, open Snapchat and take a Snap like you normally would. Then select the paperclip icon and type “” into the search bar and search it. When the site comes up select it and then enter your username that you created when you made your Sarahah account. Select your name to link it with your Snapchat, this will make it easy to send Snapchat friends photos of the Sarahah comments and messages you receive. You can also try just typing your after selecting the paper clip to pull up your profile. Sarahah has a detailed description of this process on its website.

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The version of the app in English was recently released, possibly prompting the increase in downloads. Some users of the app have taken to Twitter to discuss the new craze. Concerns of whether the app is helping create a space for anonymous bullying have been raised on Twitter by some users.

Some users have compared it to the anonymous app YikYak and the site that provide platforms for users to send questions or post anonymously.

Not everyone has caught on to the trend though.

While others are already over it and tired of it appearing in friends Snapchat stories.